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Mauritius is divided into nine districts which consist of two cities, four towns and 130 villages.  Each district has beautiful and unique places perfect for your wedding.

Egypt is divided into 27 different governorates which are subdivided into regions. Each governorate has its own capital city and offers unique places for your destination wedding.

There are nine provinces in South Africa, each with its own administrative capital and its own unique attractions.  The provinces (with provincial capital city) have been listed below, though the capital city is not necessarily the biggest or most attractive city in the province.

Morocco is divided into 16 regions which are further sub divided into 62 provinces. Each region is very different and has its own character. Choosing where to get married can be difficult as there are so many lovely areas to get to know.

The 115 Seychelles islands can be split into two main groups, the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands.