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Some would say the most important part of a wedding is capturing it on film (or digitally) in order to experience it again and again.  Choosing how your memories are preserved is something you need to consider.


When you think of a destination wedding, an exotic beach is often the first thing that comes to mind.  Beautiful scenery, glorious weather and a relaxed, romantic atmosphere can make your special day perfect and give you photos to cherish forever. 


The biggest allure to having a destination wedding is limiting the expense of planning a separate honeymoon.  But you should still consider putting some space between you and your guests once the wedding is over to enable you to enjoy the journey you've been on so far and contemplate the start of your married life together.


Deciding who to invite to the most special day of your life is never going to be easy.  Follow our top tips to help you write your guest list.


Whether you decide to organize your destination wedding yourself or enlist the help of professionals, follow these top tips for planning the wedding of your dreams.


So you've got your heart set on a destination wedding, but before you start booking venues and sending out invitations make sure you read this article.


Most couples choosing to marry abroad report their experience as being stress-free, fun, and relaxing. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Find out how to handle any situation that comes your way.


Many myths surround destination weddings, but as they become increasingly popular, these perhaps once-truths are becoming falsehoods. Here are the top 10 myths about marrying abroad - busted!


You’ve spent many years searching for your soul mate. You’ve been heartbroken and a heartbreaker. But you’ve finally found the one you’ve been looking for. This is a big deal. Of course now you need the celebration of your love to be climactic.


Marrying abroad will undoubtedly make your wedding day unforgettable. Here are 20 reasons why you and your sweetheart should consider packing your bags and saying “Hasta la vista!” for the big day.