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Ireland is divided into four provinces, which incorporates Northern Ireland as well as the Republic.  The Republic of Ireland is further divided into 26 counties. Each county has its own rich history and local attractions, but all of them have that postcard green Irish scenery that makes Ireland an ideal wedding destination.

The UK isn’t a large country, but there are often tangible differences from county to county, in terms of heritage, culture, landscape and climate. Browse through to find the place that sounds perfect for your special day.

Mainland France (including Corsica) is divided into 21 administrative regions, each waiting to be discovered and with their own unique charms to be appreciated. No matter how you envisage your big day, a location for every taste and budget can be found in France.

Greece consists of 13 regions and is subdivided into a further 74 regional units. Each region is historically unique and has its own attributes that would make for the perfect destination wedding.

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Italy is split into 20 unique regions, all except the Aosta Valley of which are further split into provinces. Each region has fantastic attributes that make it a great spot for a destination wedding.