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Provinces of Fiji

Fiji is divided into 14 provinces each offering unique and beautiful places for your perfect destination wedding.


Ba Bua Cakaudrove
Kadavu Lau Lomaiviti
Macuata Nadroga-Navosa Naitasiri
Namosi Ra Rewa
Serua Tailevu  


Ba is primarily an agricultural centre. It’s located 37 km from Lautoka and 62 km from Nadi. With a population of 14,596, it was once famous for having a pretty dire single lane bridge that resulted in some terrible traffic. The old bridge was washed away in a flood and now a modern highway sits in its place. Ba is also home to some of the wealthiest families in Fiji.


With a population of less than 1000, Bua is mainly famed for its tribal history and conservation efforts. In fact, it’s become somewhat of a sustainable centre in Fiji. A number of international conservation trips have been taken to Bua to show the locals how to preserve their country’s natural beauty.


On the north of the island Vanua Levu is the province of Cakaudrove. It also includes a few nearby islands. Like the rest of Fiji, it’s lush with greenery and has fertile seas. It’s known as one of the most influential provinces as a Fiji’s first president was from Cakaudrove, as was the former Prime Minister, Sitiveni Rabuka.


Kadavu is the fourth largest island in Fiji and covers 411 km2. It’s the largest island in the Kadavu group, which is a volcanic archipelago. It’s got beautiful beaches, palm trees and little beach huts. It’s all about the simple life here. The marine life is rich, and as such it offers fantastic snorkelling and diving opportunities.


Now we’re talking. Lau is proper, unadulterated postcard material. This island group covers 188 miles squared and has a population of 10,683. Lau islands are mostly undeveloped, meaning you get a real sense of island life – pre-tourism. It’s totally unspoilt – there are no restaurants and only two islands have guesthouses. Ladies and gents, this is the real deal. Come here for swimming, snorkelling and diving. This place will take your breath away.


Lomaiviti is part of Fiji’s Eastern Division, which dictates administrative issues. It’s also part of the Kubuna Confederacy, which is one of three confederacies across Fiji that comprise local chiefs from around the country. It’s not so much a tourist destination, and life for the locals is business a usual – Fijiian style, that is.


You’ll find Macuata on the northern island of Vanua Levu – there are two other provinces on this island. It sits on the north-eastern part of the island, and takes up 40% of its landmass. There are 114 villages within Macuata, and it has a population of 72,441. The waters surrounding Vanua Levu are teeming with fish and turtles.


Nadroga-Navosa is a province located on the south west of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. Although it is primarily a local area, and doesn’t attract a huge amount of tourists, it does offer well-priced villas and rental properties. The province is 2,385 km2.


Naitasiri is one of eight provinces located on Fiji’s largest island, Viti Levu. It covers an area of 1,666 km2 and has a population of aroud 160,800 – it’s the second most populous province (Ba is the most populous). There’s not much for tourists to do here and it’s most famous for the Naitasiri Rugby Union team.


Namosi, on the other hand, offers mountainous scenery. It’s one of the eight provinces based on Viti Levu, which is Fiji’s largest island – it covers 570 km2. Namosi is a big centre for hydro-electricity and mineral resources, which is more of its focus as opposed to tourism.


If you’re thinking more along the lines of untouched tropical beauty – the kind you get on a postcard, then Ra may be more your thing. Located on the northern part of Viti Levu, the province of Ra has beach hut resorts and amazing scuba diving opportunities. Imagine watching the sun setting over the horizon from the beach – pure bliss.


Rewa includes some areas of Fiji’s capital city, Suva. It’s an important region of Fiji in a political sense, because it hosts a number of state buildings and important Fijian political figures. It covers 272 km2 and includes a part of the Rewa River, which is the longest stream in Fiji. Rewa is also home to Rewa FC, the Fijian football team.


Also on Viti Levu is Serua. It’s 830 km2 and located on the south of the island. Again, it’s not much of a holiday destination, although visitors can come here to see how local villagers live their lives. It has a population of 18,249.


Tailevu is one of eight provinces on Viti Levu and takes up 755 km2 of that. It’s also home to the Tailevu Knights, which is a well-known Fijian rugby union team who compete in the Colonial Cup – a tournament that kicked off on 3 February 2007.

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