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The 10 Most Affordable Places To Get Married In The US

Most Affordable Places To Get Married In The US

On average, an American wedding costs over $38,000 to put on. For most, that's definitely not
chump change.

Because of this, more and more people are getting creative with their weddings, ranging from DIY centerpieces to backyard ceremonies.

Perhaps you're getting married soon and are looking for marriage venues that don't cost an arm and a leg. The more you can save, the more you can spend on your honeymoon, after all. And once you return home and start your married life together, it’s nice to have some funds left for setting up a household, and other newlywed necessities such as changing your name with banks, DMV, credit card companies, etc.

Need some help? Then keep reading. Below are the 10 most affordable places to get married in the

1. Nashville, Tennessee

This is hands down the cheapest place to get married. It's probably not a place that was even on your radar. But hear us out. Not only is this the place to be for country music lovers, but it's also beautiful, especially in the autumn once all the leaves change colors. There's plenty of nature to be found, such as the Stones River Greenway, Cumberland River, and Riverfront Park. There are also stunning vineyards, not only great as a wedding venue but also a fun side trip for all your guests.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

When you think of New Orleans, you probably think of “party city,” and people who go there to have a grand old time. But it can be much more than that. Bourbon Street can be an excellent choice for a quick bachelor and/or bachelorette party the night before your wedding. You can even combine these two parties and enjoy everyone's company on this iconic street. And for your ceremony itself, you can choose from jaw-droppingly gorgeous plantations. Do bear in mind that the more upscale plantations will cost more, of course.

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3. Scottsdale, Arizona

Is the weather important to you? Don't want it to be raining on your big day? Then choose Scottsdale for your wedding. Here, it's sunny 299 days out of the whole year. It's almost guaranteed that your wedding day will have the sun shining bright. Choose from vast ranches and green golf courses for a gorgeous wedding backdrop. Or maybe check out Downtown’s Old Town Scottsdale….. The old olive trees and 1920’s buildings have a unique charm to add a little something different for your wedding.

4. Aiken, South Carolina

If you're a fan of ranches for weddings, then Scottsdale may sound perfect for you. But if you're onthe East Coast, that may make the city a costly destination. A great alternative is Aiken, South Carolina. Known as one of S. Carolina’s most beautiful towns, Aiken is known for thoroughbred horses and hundreds of rare camellias. There are plenty of ranches to choose from for your wedding venue. If "rustic" is what you had in mind, then this city is
most likely perfect for your special day.

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5. Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska, which may lead you to think that it's expensive. However, that couldn't be further from the truth! It has a cost of living that's below the national average, which means its venues are cheaper as well. Omaha is home to a wide array of wedding venues. Whether you want huge beautiful churches or spacious ballrooms, you'll find it all for very affordable prices. And if you want something less conventional, check out Omaha’s museums, concert halls, barns, and vineyards. Something for every diverse taste!

6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you live in the Mid-Atlantic, then you may want to consider Pittsburgh as your wedding destination. Especially if you love trendy, hipster neighborhoods but are looking for less expensive places to get married. From upscale hotels to something as playful and funky as the Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburg has a venue for every taste. Usually, with these types of venues, you'd expect to pay amazingly high prices. But Pittsburgh is surprisingly very affordable, meaning you can get that hip wedding without going over your budget. This city truly offers you unique venues that'll make your special day unforgettable for everyone who attends.

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7. Blue Heron Lake, Ohio

You'll find this marvelous lake in Dorset, OH. It's great for couples on a budget, as you can get wedding packages for under $5,000, even if you have 50 guests. This venue has it all when it comes to a stunning outdoor wedding. Not only is there a vast lake, but there are also pavilions, docks, and a forest backdrop. You can also book a sunset boat ride for the reception afterward.

8. Key West, Florida

Florida isn't usually synonymous with "affordable" but in this case, it is. In this city, you can find many special and one-of-a-kind wedding venues and revel in the tropical weather. There's truly something for everyone in Key West. For the beach bunnies, you can get married right on the beach. Other choices include the town squares and mansions. Looking for both romantic and different? Check out Key Largo Lighthouse!

9. West Orange, New Jersey

This charming town is known for its red brick buildings, which are certainly a sight to see. Affordable wedding venues in West Orange include Mayfair Farms, Highlawn Pavilion, Pleasantdale Chateau, and Montclair Golf Club. As you can see, the choices for wedding venues are quite diverse in this town as well. The best thing is most of these places will give you that memorable wedding day you want, but won't break the bank!

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10. Salem, Massachusetts

On our list of places for a wedding, this may be one of the most gorgeous cities. Considering it's one of the oldest places in the country, it has a real old-world feel to it that you won't find anywhere else. Here, you'll find cobblestone streets and churches that have centuries of history. Have your wedding in the fall, and you'll get to enjoy the magnificent colors of the surrounding apple orchards.

Choose One of the Most Affordable Places To Get Married In The US to Save

Now you know some of cheapest place to get married in the US. Afterward, you should enjoy a nice and relaxing honeymoon, and thanks to your reasonably priced wedding, you can return home with money to spare, to set up your household and tackle the paperwork that goes with changing your name.

And speaking of changing your name after the wedding, definitely consider doing those changes after, not before. Booking your honeymoon under your single names will make it far easier to travel, since your travel documents will match your current name. There are plenty of experts around who can help you start off married life positively and without a hitch. Congrats!

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