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Are Morganite Wedding Sets for you

set of four peach pink morganite rings of different sizes

Are you wondering if Morganite is the right wedding or engagement ring for you? It has certainly started to trend and recently gained a lot of popularity for brides-to-be. To help you make this decision, we jump into finding out more about morganite wedding sets and help you decide if this gemstone is the right one for you!

Firstly, what is Morganite? In short, it is a type of beryl (a silicate mineral) and is known for its pretty and delicate pink to peach hues. It’s also a pretty hard mineral, which makes it an ideal choice for a wedding or engagement ring.

pink stone morganite with admixture of another citrine mineral
Pink stone morganite with admixture of another citrine mineral

Are Morganite Rings Worth it?

Yes, we think morganite rings are worth it. Morganite is beautiful and eye-catching, but it is also durable and affordable, compared to other precious gems. The affordability factor is probably one of the biggest pluses that Morganite has over other precious gems. It also has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale, which makes it okay for everyday wear.

Is Morganite as Valuable as Diamond?

two morganite rings on a conifer bud, morganite with diamonds around in halo setting
Morganite rings with diamonds around in Halo setting

No, it’s not, however, it is still a precious gemstone and a great option if you want a stunning and affordable wedding set. At the moment, it’s a new addition to the jewelry industry and has not yet gained the same popularity as diamonds, which is helping to keep prices low. However, Morganite is still considered a precious gemstone because it is rare and valuable.

The Color of Morganite determines its value

The most valuable color of morganite is a rich pink hue. However, all colors of morganite are pretty and have value, including peach and yellow.

Does Morganite Crack Easily?

Morganite overall is a durable gemstone and is less likely to crack than other gems, but it can still be prone to cracks and chips if not properly cared for. To prevent damage, it is important to avoid exposing your ring to harsh chemicals and rough surfaces.

Cloudiness of the Ring and does it lose its sparkle

Morganite can get cloudy over time if it is not properly cared for. To prevent this, it is important to clean your morganite ring regularly and avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals.

Which is Better, Pink or Peach?

morganite three stone setting, morganite centre stone with a diamond gemstone on either side
Morganite three stone setting

This is a personal preference and depends on your individual style and taste. What do you prefer - the soft, feminine look of pink morganite or the warm and romantic look of peach morganite?

Different types of settings

Morganite wedding sets come in a variety of settings, including solitaire, halo, and three-stone. Each setting offers a unique look, allowing you to choose the perfect style to match your personality and taste.

1) Solitaire setting

Solitaire morganite gemstone ring
Courtesy of Sapheena

Is a ring setting in which a single morganite gemstone is set in the center of the ring with no additional diamonds or other gems surrounding it. The solitaire setting is a classic, simple and timeless design, making it a popular choice for many brides who want a chic and sophisticated look for their engagement ring.

2) Halo setting

two morganite rings on a conifer bud, morganite with diamonds around in halo setting
Morganite rings with diamonds around in Halo setting

Is a type of jewelry set that features a central gemstone (in this case, a morganite) surrounded by a circular border of smaller diamonds or other gems. The halo of gems creates the illusion of a larger, more brilliant central gemstone and adds extra sparkle to the ring.

3) 3-stone setting

morganite three stone setting, morganite centre stone with a diamond gemstone on either side
Morganite three stone setting, morganite centre stone with a diamond gemstone on either side

Is a type of ring setting that features three gems or diamonds set on the band. In a three-stone morganite wedding ring, the center gem is typically a larger morganite stone, while the two smaller stones on either side are often diamonds. This setting symbolizes a couple's past, present, and future together, making it a romantic choice for a wedding ring. The three stones are usually set in a row, with the center stone sitting higher than the two side stones, giving the ring a unique and eye-catching look.

How Much does a 12-Carat Morganite Ring Cost?

The cost of a 12-carat morganite ring will vary depending on the quality and setting of the ring. But below we give you some examples.

  • A simple solitaire morganite ring in rose gold with a 6mm stone could cost around $300 - $500.

  • With a pear-shaped morganite and diamond bridal set in white gold it could be anywhere from $1,000 - $2,500.

  • If you are thinking more vintage, then a vintage-inspired rose gold morganite ring set with intricate detailing and smaller diamonds will set you back $1,500 - $3,000.

  • And a 14k rose gold morganite and diamond bridal set from a high-end jewelry retailer, such as Neil Lane or Tiffany & Co., could cost $3,000 - $7,000 or more.

It's important to note that these prices are just rough estimates and may vary depending on the specific design and retailer.


Morganite is a beautiful and affordable alternative to a diamond for those looking for a unique and special bridal set. When choosing a morganite ring, it is important to look for a good-quality stone and a reputable source.

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