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Best Honeymoon Destinations 2016

Congratulations! Perhaps you’re arranging the honeymoon for your destination wedding? Alternatively, you could be saving the big trip until after the ceremony at home. Either way, there’s a lot to look forward to if you’re headed for one of these marvelous destinations for your first trip together as a married couple. We recommend some fascinating new places and some tried and true favourites.

South Africa

south africa destination wedding

Imagine going from a life-changing wedding to a life-changing safari. South African destinations reveal the astounding African bush, teeming with wildlife in famous places like Kruger National Park and in the private game reserves. Go with a South African specialist tour operator to experience the unforgettable sight of animals in their natural habitat. Your morning may begin with an early mug of coffee before heading to the plains, camera in hand. Your evening may end with campfire stories under starry skies. It’s altogether special in every way.

We paint a picture for you in our South Africa Wedding Guide and offer some amazing vendors in our South Africa Wedding Directory.


croatia honeymoon

We wouldn’t want to overlook the gorgeous Dalmatian coast where lovely weather dominates from April through October. Croatia is often overshadowed by its proximity to Italy, just across the Adriatic Sea.

A high-speed ferry ride from Venice is less than three hours to Rovinj, a vibrant and pretty fishing village beside a fragrant pine forest. Meanwhile, prices are a fraction of the cost of staying along Italy’s Adriatic in Venice, Ravello and Rimini.

Among Croatia’s 1,000 plus islands, Hvar is one of only 66 inhabited ones. The most fashionable of all, this 16th century outpost that is surrounded by incredibly clear blue water looks to be straight out of the dreams of a Disney princess.  Despite joining the European Union in 2013, Croatia opted to keep the Kuna rather than adopt the common currency, so you should find your money goes further.

Check out our Croatian Wedding Directory to start planning your Croatian honeymoon.


vietnam honeymoon

Jet away to a perfect setting under the palms at a private resort ideally suited to a romantic honeymoon. Surprisingly perhaps, the landscape is sprinkled with hideaway resorts, each with just a few deluxe villas (some with private pools), on gorgeous beaches to rival any in Phuket...only without the crowds.

With exceptional service, many of them are gaining a place at the head of lists featuring the world’s best resorts. Vietnam is also earning a top name as an affordable and outstanding wellness and spa sanctuary, the ideal remedy for a post-wedding wind down.

What not to miss? A luxury junk boat cruise on Ha Long Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin. It’s known for its emerald water and unique landscape of 1,600 towering limestone islands topped by rainforests.

Begin the search for the perfect resort in our Vietnam Wedding Directory.


cuban destination wedding

Did you know that Key West, Florida is closer to Havana, Cuba than to Miami? As a destination, Cuba is trending.

Now that the USA has acted to relax relations with Cuba, 2016 will see increasing numbers of visitors arriving to discover the charms and heritage of Old Havana. For Americans, DIY independent travel to Cuba is still not a reality, but travel possibilities and flights are expanding.

For couples considering a honeymoon that reflects vintage Cuba, experts advise going as soon as possible before the inevitable process of modernisation begins. Cuba is a seductive time capsule with seven exquisite 15th century colonial cities, sweeping vistas of tobacco and sugar cane, mountains and valleys, beautiful beaches against blue sea and sky.

See our new Cuba Wedding Guide and Cuban Wedding Directory for more details about this fascinating Caribbean island.


australia wedding guide

Australia is so cool that it’s already tomorrow. True enough, it takes some doing to get down under, but it’s well worth the effort. First time visitors won’t want to miss Sydney, where the awesome Harbour Bridge Climb can be one of the most memorable things you do together. Repeat visitors may want to head off the beaten track to a resort on a remote island in the Great Barrier Reef for days of snorkelling and diving.  

Distances are big, so (exhausted) honeymooners are cautioned not to bite off too much territory at once. Australia enjoys fine weather and plenty of sunshine in seasons reversed from the Northern Hemisphere. However, temperatures in northern Australia can soar in and around the Christmas holidays, the rains fall through March, and great weather sets in from April through November.

Our Australian Wedding Guide and Australian Wedding Directory offer plenty of inspiration.


paris honeymoon

For non-residents, getting married in France is quite a bit more complex than some of it's European neighbours. If you’d rather skip the red tape, but you’re a genuine Francophile at heart, choose France for a honeymoon instead. Your tough decisions should involve nothing more complicated than choosing red, white or rosé.

The diverse landscape of France offers more variety than in many countries much larger in size. Romantic thoughts always turn to the City of Light in the first instance. Yet, beyond the undeniable lure of Paris, there are châteaux in the Loire Valley, stone hideaways in the lavender hills of Provence, mountaintop ski resorts in the Alps, Mediterranean villas in posh Riviera resorts and neoclassical vineyard estates.  

Visit our French Wedding Guide and French Wedding Directory to learn more about the highlights France has to offer.


charleston honeymoon

One of the most romantic honeymoon destinations in the USA may be a place you’ve not thought about...and that’s a good thing if you’re looking to avoid the crowds.

For four years running, Condé Nast Traveller readers have voted Charleston, South Carolina as their favourite American city. The well-preserved 18th century throwback is best toured on a horse-drawn carriage ride through its cobbled streets. Take a sneak peek into award-winning gardens, plan a day trip to an antebellum plantation, picnic under the branches of a 1,500-year-old oak tree, visit the nearby beaches and dine on just-plucked and shucked local oysters.

Bursting with fragrant blooms in spring or settling into its shoulder season stride in autumn, these are the best times to visit Charleston.

Of course, the USA has countless other options for an amazing honeymoon no matter what kind of experience you're looking for.  Visit our USA Wedding Guide and USA Wedding Directory for more inspiration.


honeymoon peru

Are you thinking of embarking on an adventure to go with your plunge into marriage? A Machu Picchu adventure deserves a tick on your ultimate travel bucket list, as it’s one of the most intriguing spots on earth. The Lost City of the Incas is an exciting top-of-the-world destination for fit couples, where some multi-day tours require a considerable amount of hiking, biking or horseback riding.

Fly into Lima and get acclimated to the Andes’ high elevation in the Peruvian Andes city of Cusco before trekking onward to the ancient sacred citadel via the Inca Trail. You want to be certain it’s the sight of one another in this mystical setting, rather than the altitude, that takes your breath away.

Start planning your honeymoon with our Peruvian Wedding Directory.


canada destination wedding

America’s neighbour to the north deserves a second look. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, Canada offers some fabulous locales. Choose from sophisticated cities like Vancouver and Toronto, picturesque cities with a French accent like Montreal and Quebec, or historically-significant venues in pristine places like Banff and Lake Louise in the towering Canadian Rockies. The Canadian landscape is chock-full with natural wonders; even Americans will readily admit that the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, called the “Honeymoon Capital of the World,” is the better-looking of the two sides.

Our Canadian Wedding Guide and Canadian Wedding Directory are full of highlights to consider.


cambodia honeymoon

Start or finish your honeymoon at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, the world’s largest religious monument, seat of the Khmer kingdom from the 9th to 15th centuries. Even if you get there only once in a lifetime, sunrise is the moment to be standing together at the wide moat surrounding this archaeological wonder.

There’s more to a romantic Cambodian honeymoon however.  During the country’s dry months in November through May, you’ll want to carve out some beach time in Sihanoukville or Kep and to visit Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and art deco Central Market.

Our Cambodian Wedding Directory can help with your planning.

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