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Booking a Quality Destination Wedding Photographer (On a Budget)

Destination Wedding Photographer

by Justin Waybright

So, you've got your dress, the cake maker, your DJ, your rings, your flowers and your invitations.  There's only one essential service you need to book: your photographer.  But, there are so many to choose from and so many different prices and packages.  Your big day is just months away.  What do you do?

If you're going through this right now, you're not alone.  Nearly every bride does.  Picking the perfect photographer is not easy.  So, in this article, I will lay out some aspects to look for when choosing this all-important service.  Remember, the choice you make will be like a tattoo: the images created will last forever.  Without further ado, let's get to it.

Quality & Reputation

Search the internet for photographers in your area and pay close attention to their social media pages and website.  Do they have reviews and testimonials?  What do these reviews reveal to you?  Remember: negative reviews are a sure sign that the photographer is not for you.  However, one or two negative remarks out of 98 positive remarks should not worry you.  No one is perfect, and no photographer can please every client he or she serves.  Does the business have a quality website and a professional social media page?  Are the pictures vivid, vibrant, in focus and in high resolution?  How do the images suit your style?


This can be very confusing for brides in search of a good photographer.  Why does "Business A" charge $2,000 for a wedding package and "Business B" only charge $800 for the same package?  Keep in mind, most things in life revolve around getting what you pay for.  However, just because a photographer charges $2,000 for wedding pictures, does not automatically ensure you will receive $2,000 worth of quality and service.

Insider's Tip--->Experience, quality, service, equipment, ability, originality and travel expense will go into the professional photographer's quote for your wedding pictures.


When looking for the perfect wedding photographer, you must ask yourself, "Does this business have the years of experience, training and skills I deserve for my big day?"  Simply, find the photographer's history or bio in the "about" section of his or her website.  Chances are, if the photographer just began producing professional work a few months ago, he or she is not for you.  You are looking for years or even better, decades of experience when choosing the perfect wedding photographer.

Insider's Tip--->With the rise of digital photography, countless amateurs buy cameras and create a nice social media page.  This does not qualify them as a professional photographer.

Shop, Shop & Shop Some More

You've picked out the perfect flowers, DJ, lighting and dress.  Be prepared to spend the most time choosing your perfect wedding photographer.  They do exist!  Don't settle in paying $2,000 for decent pictures when you could spend $1,500 on excellent pictures.  Check Google, Facebook, Weddingwire, Yelp, and of course Destination Wedding Directory.

Remember:  There is a great photographer for every bride's style and budget.  Follow these simple tips and you'll be on your way to getting pictures that will wow all your friends and family.

About Justin

PhotographerNation Merit Certified Professional Photographer from Charleston, West Virginia,  Justin has provided photography services since 2006.  He is the owner of Waybright Photography, a business that offers wedding, engagement, family, senior and baby portraits.  Justin is the father of three and, when he is not photographing, he provides online marketing for real estate companies and grant writing for nonprofit organizations.

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