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Choosing The Right Luggage For Your Destination Wedding

Overpacking is an all-too common plight of any type of travel. When you’ve got a special occasion to prepare for, that adds an even greater complication. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines that can meet any traveler’s needs.

Size and Weight

Airline policies are forever changing when it comes to the maximum size and weight of both checked and carry-on bags. Before selecting a bag, read the rules of the airline you’ll be flying with. And remember, weight isn’t just about airline restrictions, but also what you can comfortably lift and carry.


Whatever type of bag you purchase, you’ll want to stand up admirably to wear and tear. Hard-sided bags are only secure when packed absolutely full. For most purposes, a soft-sided nylon bag will be the sturdiest piece you can find. On any bag, the zipper and wheels will be the weakest points, so look at them carefully and ensure these can be easily repaired if they break. Any bag you buy should come with a good warranty plan.


The safest route in travel is to pack light and use only a carry-on, but when a wedding’s on the horizon, you’ll naturally have to check a bag. That being the case, choose a suitcase you can easily pick out from a line-up. Black bags with red ribbons simply don’t cut it on the baggage claim conveyor belt. As an added bonus, sticky fingers are less likely to walk away with a colorful, easily identifiable piece of luggage.

Bells and Whistles

Once you’ve narrowed down the field, look for the extra features that will serve you best. Lifting and carrying are several times simpler when you have handles on the top and sides of a bag, while things like telescopic handles and spinner wheels are made for managing bags too heavy to carry. Don’t pack anything you can’t lift.

Packing Your Dress

You might be tempted to ship your wedding gown, but letting that dress out of your hands is a big risk. It’s safest to pack your bag in a carry-on or a garment bag. Folding tissue paper into the dress, and hanging it in the bathroom while you shower will help stave off wrinkles. If your dress is truly too large to pack, consider buying a second airline ticket and use the extra seat for storing the dress.

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