Packing For Your Destination Wedding

Money may fix most problems, but it won’t replace the necklace your grandmother gave you for your big day or your made-to-measure designer wedding dress that the airline lost. Packing wisely may be the most important thing you do to plan for your destination wedding. Here are some tips to avoid potential wedding disasters abroad.

Make a list. Write down all of the items you can’t do without. The days leading up to your destination wedding can be especially hectic, so start packing and crossing items off your list weeks in advance of the departure date.

Don’t over pack. The desire to be fully prepared for the biggest event of your life may lead you to pack clothing you’ve never considered wearing before. Resist the temptation to over pack. Between gifts for the bridal party, decorations, and layers of clothing, you may be overwhelmed by the number of suitcases you end up bringing (and the cost of shipping them). Traveling light can go a long way. Having said that….
Assume nothing about your destination! Most likely, you won’t be able to pack everything you need. Check that your hotel has larger items such as an ironing board or a blow dryer before you ditch these items to save on space. Be sure that any clothing rentals or last minute grooming can be accommodated at your destination.   

Keep up with the weather forecast. Unpredictable weather can strike anytime. Warm, sunny days may lead to chilly evenings in some climates. Pack your clothing accordingly to avoid weather-related discomfort.

Don’t check-in your most important items. There are items you simply cannot afford to lose in transit, such as necessary documents, your wedding dress, or jewelry with sentimental value. If you're flying, designating these items as carry-on is a good insurance policy against the airline’s tendency to misplace luggage. Most airlines will have coat closets to hang your garment bags - check to make sure yours does.

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