Destination Wedding Welcome Bags To Wow Your Guests

Your guests have travelled hundreds or thousands of miles and probably gone to a great deal of expense to share your wedding day with you. Many have taken time off work, arranged babysitters and put their life on hold to travel to your dream destination. It’s a nice touch to show a little appreciation for their efforts by providing a welcome bag with a few essentials and some special goodies to spoil them during their stay.


After a long journey, negotiating unfamiliar streets looking for food is usually the last thing you feel like doing no matter how hungry you are. Add some little snacks that can tide your guests over until they have a rest and a shower and are ready to take on the world. If the place you are staying has a local specialty on offer, consider including that. Other good options are cookies, nuts and dried fruit, crackers and cheese and chocolate.


Think about how many times you have forgotten your toothbrush when you travel. It’s the little things that are often left behind, so put a few thoughtful toiletries in your welcome bag. Some nice soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some moisturizer or other things they may need after a long journey. Give the gift of a little luxury.

Slippers or Flip Flops

If you’re in colder climate, then little slippers are a perfect addition to bring the comforts of home to your guests. If your budget stretches to it, consider adding some personalization like initials or the date of the wedding. Flip flops are a great idea if you’re headed somewhere tropical and you can easily add your own embellishments with a glue gun and some creativity.

Maps & Local Information

Although the age of Smartphones has made paper maps somewhat redundant, travel to a foreign country is still problematic with expensive international roaming costs. Older guests may not even have a Smartphone let alone be Google Maps savvy. Include some maps of the surrounding areas and some information about where they are staying. Include common tourist attractions and how to get there, details of the local shops, nearby restaurants and takeaways and basically anything you think they might need.

Wedding Details

There is a good chance the detailed wedding itinerary and invitation didn’t make it in the carry-on baggage amongst the chaos of passports and travel. Include all information relating to the wedding, including details of transportation, times, pre and post wedding events and anything else you have arranged.

Don’t forget to put all of these goodies in an appropriate bag. Canvas totes with the name of the couple and the date of the wedding are stylish and affordable and double as a nice memento for the guest. A good wicker basket or decorated boxes are other stylish options. Just don’t forget a little note to thank them for attending.

Image courtesy of Mel Barlow

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