Honeymooners Lap Up Luxury In Zambia

“Besides choosing the person you marry, we would simply say that booking a honeymoon in Zambia, or Tongabezi in particular will be the best decision you’ve ever made.”
-Honeymooners, Mike and Nicole

Mike and Nicole are no strangers to new destinations and wild experiences, so when it came down to planning their honeymoon, they knew it would be somewhere far-flung and luxurious with a healthy dose of adventure. Southern Africa it was! They visited Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia during their special holiday, but it was their stay at Tongabezi in Zambia that completely stole their hearts.

Perched in the secluded Tree House, the majesty of the Zambezi River and her natural surroundings casted their intoxicating spell on the newlyweds.

tongabezi tree house

The architecture of the Tree House and the way it blends in with the environment reaps romance, while the resident hippos and crocs let guests know the pulse of Africa is very much alive.

Nicole shared their honeymoon experience from the moment of arrival on The Tongabezi Blog House:

“The day we arrived at Tongabezi Lodge, we entered a warm, hospitable country where the people are kind and generous. They care about tourism and they care about their country. We were enthralled from the start. After getting passport stamps in three countries, we had finally arrived at Tongabezi where we toured our room at the lodge which was called the Tree House. It was really beyond words. Our room was completely open with breathtaking views of the Zambezi River with hippos and crocs all around! There were no walls, no doors, and no windows. It was all open to the elements. The room was built into a stone rock wall and had huge trees coming up through the floors and through the roof. We had a king bed with mosquito netting for protection at night.

tree house bath

"We settled into relaxation at Tongabezi. Our guide, Nyambe, had planned a very special dinner for us. We were taken by boat to the middle of the river where we had a three-course meal on the top of floating platform. It was surreal.

zambia honeymoon river dining

"The sunset was the most beautiful colour I’ve ever seen and the sounds of Africa around us were vivid and all encompassing. We heard hippos, frogs, birds, and insects in a chorus of African music of the wild. The food was delivered one course at a time by boat, while we floated on a platform lit with candles. It was the epitome of romance.”

The happy couple also had some bucket list activities to cross off the list and enjoyed a tour of the world renowned Victoria Falls followed by a ‘not for the faint of heart’ swim to the edge of the falls at Devil’s Pool.

victoria falls devils pool

The excitement continued as the newlyweds headed off to stay on Sindabezi Island, a private isle on the Zambezi River where Mother Nature continued to show off. Sunsets, rainbows, game viewing by boat, and an ATV ride were some of their highlights.

sindabezi island

sindabezi island atv

Nicole recalls their very last night on the island after a day out on the ATV’s, “That evening as we returned to the island, we watched our last sunset on the Zambezi River. While we took our last game drive in the little boat, spotting crocs and hippos and wild deer, it started to rain - but only for a moment. It was just enough to form the most beautiful rainbow. A surreal moment when there are so many blessings you are bursting with gratitude.”

zambezi river rainbow

The lodges were built specifically to service affairs of the heart. Love is at the core of every detail at the lodge and they never tire of hearing honeymooners’ tales about lapping up the romantic luxury Tongabezi and Sindabezi provides.

tongabezi honeymoon

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