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20 Reasons To Marry Abroad

Marrying abroad will undoubtedly make your wedding day unforgettable. Here are 20 reasons why you and your sweetheart should consider packing your bags and saying “Hasta la vista!” for the big day.

  1. C’est unique! Most people have a conventional wedding because, well, it’s conventional. Why not go against the grain by leaving town and spicing up your experience during this special occasion?

  2. Easier on your wallet. These days, couples are often marrying later in life, and burdening their (perhaps now retired) parents with the bill doesn’t quite feel right. Heading to a Caribbean island for a week is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a traditional wedding.

  3. The anticipation… The months and days leading up to your wedding can often be a nail-biting, hair-pulling rollercoaster until the actual day is over. Looking forward to a destination wedding can act as a saving grace amidst the madness.

  4. Wonderful weather. Planning your wedding abroad in a location where you can more or less predict the weather will ensure no rainy mishaps on the big day!

  5. Luxurious. If you decide to whisk yourselves away to somewhere like a beach resort area, not only will your getaway be about tying the knot, but it will also be much-needed vacation time to unwind and let yourself be pampered by the generosity of the exotic atmosphere.

  6. Create lasting memories. A destination wedding abroad provides a lifetime of memories—ones you’ll want to tell your grandchildren!

  7. More intimate. Less awkward. By marrying abroad you can pick and choose which lucky individuals in your life get the invite without offending your third cousin you only see every few years. Limiting the number of guests in attendance creates an intimate environment that encourages quality bonding and avoids awkward conversations with relatives whose names you’re not so sure about.

  8. Honeymoon? We’re on our honeymoon! Travelling out-of-town for your wedding means not having to plan a separate honeymoon—you’ll be on one before you even say “I do.”

  9. YUM! There is nothing tastier than authentic cuisine from its region of origin.

  10. Ah, the romance! It’s no wonder more and more couples are opting for weddings abroad; slipping away from the bustle of everyday life offers you the perfect opportunity to keep the noise out and focus on each other.

  11. Bring sexy back. It goes without saying, where you find romance and unknown surroundings, you will find unpredictable passion.

  12. Chill out. Being somewhere new has a calming effect on people, or maybe its because they can entertain themselves with numerous activities and distractions. Either way, going abroad for your wedding is a great way to take the load off your shoulders and let your guests enjoy themselves on their own.

  13. Brush up on Your French (or Italian, or Spanish, or Japanese, etc.)!

  14. A good omen. Exchanging vows in an idyllic setting sets a pleasant tone for the beginning of your new life together.

  15. Great pictures for Facebook. Let’s face it: People like to show off what a great time they’re having via pictures on Facebook (or your preferred social network). Picture-perfect destination weddings produce picture-perfect pictures.

  16. Better stories. Cool and crazy things happen to you abroad.  You’ll return to work with tales that are more than the usual “it was nice.”

  17. Learn about another culture!

  18. Sometimes it’s more appropriate. If it’s your second or third marriage, a low-key wedding abroad might seem more appropriate than a fancy, traditional wedding.

  19. A better time for your guests. Friends and family will be delighted to partake in one of the best days of your life, no matter where it takes place.  However, if they can be drinking a margarita… poolside… while toasting to your happiness, they’ll be all the merrier.

  20. IT’S A VACATION – and who doesn’t like vacations??

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