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Top 10 Wedding Destinations 2017

Destination weddings offer a level of thrill and adventure that is often missing from traditional weddings. Picture this: cascading waterfalls, rolling hills, gorgeous white sand beaches, lush green foliage, vibrant cities and an eclectic mix of cultures.  Destination weddings provide many of these features and a whole lot more. We've carefully analyzed the top wedding destinations from around the globe to compile our shortlist of the best for 2017.


bali wedding

There is only one word that can be used to describe Indonesia: amazing. Indonesia is hailed as the country with the second highest level of bio diversity in the world. With 17,508 islands, there are an array of picturesque venues and authentic cultural experiences to choose from.  Gorgeous temples seem to be painted into lush greenery and cascading hills. Terraced rice fields add a measure of beauty that is unparalleled.

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seychelles wedding

The Seychelles Islands consist of over 100 widely scattered islands.  These islands are actually peaks of an expansive underwater plateau. Spectacular coral reefs, rugged beaches and unspoiled jungles make these islands a gorgeous masterpiece. Many five star resorts are located on the inner islands of the archipelago.  These resorts offer everything that you need to plan and execute the perfect tropical wedding.

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destination wedding norway

Located in Northern Europe, Norway offers a mixture of mountains, glaciers and breathtaking rivers and waterfalls.  Norway is the perfect location for a winter wedding. The snow topped hills, lakeside villas, and gorgeous sunsets provide the perfect backdrop for a spectacular wedding.  Norway is also one of the few countries that has legalized same sex marriages.  Whether you desire a luxurious or simple wedding, Norway has a range of options for you to choose from.

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One of the most popular wedding destinations in the world, Hawaii offers a tropical getaway experience that is more readily accessible to those in North America. There are six islands to choose from, each offering gorgeous beaches, beautiful waterfalls, dramatic sunsets, and authentic rainforests. Hawaii offers a tropical experience that will forever be etched in your memory. Let the beauty of nature shine on your wedding day.

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destination wedding chile

Chile is the home of some of the most famous natural wonders of the world.  From the Andes, which is the longest mountain chain in the world, to the driest desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, Chile provides a beautiful canvas on which to paint your dream wedding. Being the fifth largest exporter of wine makes Chile an even more intriguing wedding destination. There are a plethora of hotels, ocean-side resorts, and other wedding venues that will help you capture Chile’s raw beauty for your wedding. Chile offers a variety of exclusive luxury lodges that are perfect for weddings.

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Dominican Republic

dominican republic wedding guide

Touted as one of the most intriguing Caribbean islands, the Dominican Republic offers two worlds of experiences to visitors. Its Southern shores touch the Caribbean Sea and are littered with vibrant resort towns, gorgeous white sand beaches, and a variety of outdoor activities. Its Northern Atlantic Ocean shores lead into stunning rainforests and tight-knit fishing communities.  Each side of the island provides numerous destination wedding venues.  Whether you want to be one with nature or enjoy the majesty of the pristine sea, the Dominican Republic is the perfect choice for your destination wedding.

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australian destination wedding

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and filled with gorgeous mountains, deserts and caves, Australia offers the perfect backdrop for an outdoor wedding. The vast array of picturesque options to choose from are perfect for couples who love adventure and the great outdoors.

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Although it's just a small speck in the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica has made a lasting impression globally. Reggae music, stellar athletes, spectacular scenery, and some of the most vibrant and warm people in the world are just a few of Jamaica’s winning characteristics.  Destination weddings in Jamaica tend to either capture the beauty of the country’s white sand beaches or lush vegetation.  Wedding locations, therefore, tend to be more prevalent on the North Coast of the country. Jamaica is one of the best islands to consider for your destination wedding.

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italy wedding guide

Italy is synonymous with romance. Depicted as the country where love flourishes, Italy provides scores of destination wedding options. Italy has a rich history in art, religion and theatre that is quite evident in the grandiose architecture. The best time to have a wedding in Italy is either in April, May, June, September or October when the weather is good and the crowds are few.  Choose to have your wedding in an open field with mountains filling the horizon or on a balcony overlooking Italy’s stunning architecture. Sip some wine, enjoy one of the world's top cuisines, and bask in the wonder of the country of romance.

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maldives wedding guide

The Maldives' chain of islands are somewhat of a hidden gem. There are 1,190 islands in the chain covering 298 km2. Visiting any of the populated islands gives you an authentic feeling of a true getaway.  The turquoise waters and pristine white sand beaches create the best scenery for a beach wedding. Maldives allows you to create your own private paradise. Palm trees swaying in the gentle sea breeze, the best beaches you’ll ever see…Maldives will help you create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.

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