Trash The Dress Ideas

The big day has come and gone and you have enough photos, videos, and memories to last a lifetime. So what do you do with the dress? Seal it up in a plastic garment bag and hang it in the closet never to be seen for decades to come? Or pull it out and take it for one last epic photo shoot to commemorate life after the wedding? Without the formalities of the big day weighing you down, your photos can be as adventurous, creative, or relaxed as you are. Here are a few ideas for the perfect trash the dress shoot.

Paint a Picture

Inspired by Angelina Jolie’s hand painted veil featuring her children’s artwork? Recreate it for your trash the dress shoot. Have family and friend’s leave their mark, or channel your inner Jackson Pollock and let the colors fly.

Follow Your Passions

The best Trash the Dress themes help to capture the true nature of the couple. Did you fall in love on the beach? Capture that romance with an underwater shoot. If you feel closest in nature, capture your adventurous spirit on a remote hike through the woods. Find what makes you both feel the most comfortable and excited, and capture it on film. You’ll cherish the photos forever.

Bring It Home

Oftentimes you’re going to feel the most comfortable in your element. So stage your shoot in a few of your favorite places: walking down your street, at your favorite coffee shop, or even in your home. You’ll love looking back through the photos and seeing your life as it truly was.

Do It For Charity

Trash the Dress has become a popular charity drive theme. Find an event in your area and take the opportunity to have fun in the name of a great cause. Whether you’re donating to a drive, dancing at a gala, or running a marathon, doing your part will make your big day all the more memorable.

Want to Trash the Dress but don’t want to completely destroy it? Talk to your photographer and find a good dry cleaner. There are plenty of ways to make sure your keepsake survives.

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