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Style Tips From The Best TV Weddings

by Megan Scott

The weddings of our favorite television characters often feature the most amazing dresses, backdrops and floral arrangements. While fictional characters seem to have an open budget—and even access to top designers—the reality behind those glamorous small-screen ceremonies is that the magic takes about a year to plan.

After writers perfect the prose of the scenes, the characters dress in the designer gown, head to hair and makeup and the fake guests fill their seats, the end result is the perfect wedding. Well, almost perfect, because we have to consider the crazy antics that often curse many soap opera couples as they head to the altar. Who knew so many weddings could be interrupted? Or that people could come back from the dead?

Even though television weddings are far from the real deal, they provide an insane amount of real-life inspiration for our own weddings. Many brides look to those scene-stealing vow exchanges with tissues in hand and make a mental note on the details they’d like to clone for their own weddings.

If it’s the vows you’d like to steal from your favorite small-screen ceremonies, Popsugar has you covered with the perfect—and imperfect—vows from both favorite television characters and favorite movies. Inspiration for famous dresses from television weddings can be found across Pinterest, but, personally, my favorite is Charlotte York’s first wedding dress (although that marriage to Trey was not good) from “Sex and the City.”

Whether you choose floral motifs from your favorite star’s nuptials, a similar dress or maybe even the exact same dress—if that budget allows—watching those memorable television vows definitely inspires ideas for your own dream wedding. Just be sure to skip the drama and opt only to adopt the love and romance factor from those famous scenes. And if you really want to embrace a star-studded aesthetic for your big day, you can livestream your ceremony online for your own take on a small-screen wedding!

For more wedding ideas inspired by your favorite television super couples, check out these planning tips:

TV Wedding Style Tips

About Megan

Megan ScottMegan Scott is a writer, event expert and mother of two beautiful twins. She wants to use her knowledge and expertise to help others lead a better life. Megan enjoys doing research on new wedding trends and unique gowns. Her hobbies include writing, long distance running and traveling with her beloved family. Follow her on twitter as @meganscotts

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