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Ultimate Guide to tying the knot in Greece

Santorini wedding - A fairytale in the Mediterranean (photo credit
Santorini wedding - A fairytale in the Mediterranean (photo credit

Describing a destination wedding in Greece is like drawing a vivid watercolor painting on a vast canvas. Blue for the sea and the church domes, white for the ancient marbles and the picturesque villages, turquoise water of the beach bays, deep green for the unspoiled nature, purple-red for the sun sinking into the sea. In the middle of this fairy-tale setting, as a couple in love, exchanging your vows of eternal love surrounded by beloved friends and relatives.

According to legend, it is in Greece that the Sun and the Moon met for the first time, fell in love at first sight, and a great love began. And as the Nobel Prize-winning Greek poet Odysseus Elytis brilliantly wrote:

"Nowhere else on earth do the Sun and Moon reign together so harmoniously into the midst of the sea, as in Greece".

In this dreamy setting made of crystal blue waters, sunny beaches, picturesque villages, olive groves, colorful islands, and all-night parties, you can uniquely experience the feeling of being alive, happy, and in love. Can you imagine anything more beautiful, romantic, and idyllic for your wedding?

Why get married in Greece

In recent years, Greece has emerged as a top destination for weddings abroad.

Greece is one of Europe's most prominent touristic countries, in proximity to all major European cities, distinguished for its contemporary opulence and Mediterranean temperament. The county welcomes all moments of marital bliss, from Civil, Religious Orthodox, Catholic, Symbolic and Hindu weddings to same-sex symbolic marriages and vow renewals.

Wedding in Santorini
Wedding in Santorini

Where is the best place in Greece to get married?

There are several popular destinations for getting married in Greece, both on the islands and inland. Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, and Milos in the Aegean or even Zakynthos in the Ionian are among the top destinations for weddings in Greece as they combine Mediterranean beauty with modern tourist infrastructure. An extremely convenient factor is also the operation of an airport with direct flights to and from all major European cities facilitating the transition of guests who often travel from different countries.

Among them, Mykonos and Santorini stand out as top wedding destinations in Greece and worldwide, thanks to their rare natural beauty. By offering romantic, wild, beautiful landscapes and unique wedding venues with breathtaking views, these two islands combine everything a newlywed couple could ask from a wedding destination.

However, a new destination that has emerged in recent years, and we strongly suggest it for multiple reasons, is the Athenian Riviera in the southern suburbs of Athens. Let’s discover why.

Orthodox wedding athenian riviera
Orthodox wedding athenian riviera

Destination wedding at the Athenian Riviera

This iconic Athenian Riviera will not only wow you with its beauty but also with its world-class wedding services.

Along the colorful coastline that stretches from Piraeus to Sounio, numerous five-star beachfront resorts and stunning estates guarantee a refined wedding celebration and a pleasant stay for your guests.

The Athenian Riviera offers a variety of choices, whether you have a symbolic celebration in Greece or a classical wedding in a picturesque waterside chapel.

Orthodox Wedding in Athenian Riviera
Orthodox Wedding in Athenian Riviera

It stands out for its scenic views of the Aegean sea, charming beaches, excellent restaurants and bars, state-of-the-art malls, yachting, cruising, and golf areas.

The center of the vibrant capital of Greece is just 16 km (9.9 mi) away, offering you and your guest unforgettable excursions to the Acropolis and the historical centre of Athens.

On the list of pros, we should also include the proximity to the Athens International Airport, with continuous flights to and from all European capitals.

As an ultimate wedding gift, the Athenian Riviera is a fantastic destination for an unforgettable honeymoon or the ideal starting point for Greek island hopping, as Mr & Mrs!

Destination Wedding in Santorini

Known as the most idyllic and romantic destination worldwide, Santorini gives everything you have ever imagined for your wedding. Being famous for its mesmerizing sunsets, Santorini offers the extraordinary experience of a natural spectacle, plus breathtaking views of a volcanic setting.

Destination Wedding in Mykonos

Wedding in Mykonos
Wedding in Mykonos

Undoubtedly, Mykonos is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece and the summer destination of the global jet set. A small white pearl in the middle of the Aegean where luxury meets tradition and authentic hospitality. On deserted beaches, buzzing clubs, award-winning restaurants and, elegant bars, Mykonos Island offers an unforgettable wedding celebration and is the most beautiful vacation spot.

Wedding setup in Mykonos
Wedding setup in Mykonos

Whether you choose a small, elegant, simple wedding celebration or a large bespoke wedding, the island of the winds will blow your mind away.

Wedding ceremony in beautiful Mykonos
Wedding ceremony in beautiful Mykonos

Wedding reception in Greece: Hotel venue or private villa?

A wedding reception in a luxury hotel is an excellent choice if you are after impeccable service and the possibility to combine the reception with the stay.

Alternatively, if you want to break away you can find a private estate. If you love wine and gastronomy, a wedding in a vineyard could be perfect. Or if you love history and are fascinated by ancient civilizations you can consider a castle wedding. The ideas really are endless.

Wedding Venue in the Athenian Riviera

Whether a small wedding of fifty people or a massive wedding of 1000 people, the Island Art and Taste Wedding Venue at the Athenian Riviera is synonymous with first-class hospitality. This luxurious space offers a picturesque waterside chapel, multiple reception areas, each with a different style, charming gardens with Mediterranean flowers, and dining poolside terraces for all-night parties under the stars.

Wedding Venue in Mykonos

There is only one word to describe the magnificent atmosphere of 180° Sunset in Mykonos and it’s fabulous. Located on the most stunning hill, with endless breathtaking panoramic views of the Aegean, a wedding in 180 sunset bar is an experience of the true beauty of Mykonos, which words are challenging to describe.

Wedding Venus in Santorini

Wedding santorini
Wedding santorini

For a majestic wedding with enchanting views of the caldera, no place can compare to the excellence of Santorini Gem Wedding Venue and Villa, which proudly stands among the top wedding locations in the world.

The impeccable service, the unique menu, and flavors to savor and the breathtaking view promise you and your guests a lifetime experience and the most romantic wedding.

Destination Wedding Activities for you and your guests

Sailing, island hopping, excursion to archaeological sites, Greek food and wine tasting, golf, horse riding, and shopping are a few options.

What is the best time of the year to have my wedding in Greece?

Greece is a Mediterranean country with sunny weather almost all year round. Any time from early spring to autumn is ideal for your wedding celebration.

Do I need a planner for my wedding in Greece?

Having a wedding planner in charge of all the arrangements needed for your wedding is essential if you want to save money and have quality time with your other half.

Guest Management, legal arrangements, and the search for wedding suppliers, venues and more so in a foreign country are challenging tasks. Moreover, the legal procedures required may vary from place to place in Greece. Therefore, proper handling is essential for your religious wedding in Greece or your civil marriage in Greece to be legally recognized. Keep in mind that there are more than 200 registries and an equal number of Town Halls all over Greece.

Even if you are planning a small boutique wedding reception, we recommend contacting a local expert planner who will be your trusted partner in Greece.

A local wedding planner will get the best value for your money. Even within a specific budget, you will still have a spectacular day.


How much does it cost to have a wedding in Greece?

The cost of a wedding in Greece may vary depending on the season, the number of guests, the wedding venue etc. Based on our experience, you can estimate the average cost as follows:

  • For wedding planning & wedding design, prices vary from 1200 euros to 3000 euros. (for exchange euros to other currency)
  • For the Wedding photographer, estimate 800 euros to 2500 euros.
  • For the Wedding Videographer, 600 to 2000 euros.
  • Flower decoration, 500 euros to 3000 euros.
  • Wedding Ceremony venue, 500 euros to 2000 euros.
  • The reception cost depends on the venue, the wedding destination, and the number of guests. Generally, you should expect something between 1500 to 3000 euros.
  • DJ music service, 500 to 2000 euros.
  • For fireworks, consider paying 500 to 2000 euros.
  • For Beauty services, the cost is estimated in between 200 to 500 euros.
  • For the catering services, you should consider that the cost depends on the menu type (meat, fish, veggie, Indian, Kosher) and the style of the wedding dinner (wedding buffet or seated dinner). Calculate something between 40 to 120 euros per guest, depending on the occasion.
  • Open bar prices vary from 20 to 90 euros per adult guest.
  • Wedding cake, 300 to 500 euros.
  • Regarding the transportation of the bride and the groom, the cost may vary from 200 to 600 euros. Additionally, it would be best if you also considered the transport for the guests. Depending on the distance and the hours, pricing varies from 15 to 30 euros/per guest.
  • Document legalization from 200 to 500 euros.
  • Photobooth 700 to 1000 euros wedding planner in Greece

Mr. John Pasaris

Mr. John Pasaris
Mr. John Pasaris

is a certified wedding planner and owner of the event planning company "Wedding in Greece", specializing in luxury tailored maid destination weddings. John has organized hundreds of religious and civil ceremonies, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish and Indian weddings in Greece. Furthermore, he has planned numerous same-sex weddings in Greece and vow renewals in unique venues.

Wedding in Greece is a full-service wedding planning company creating bespoke Destination Weddings in Athens, Mykonos and Santorini.

Mr. Pasaris is also the owner of "Indian Weddings in Greece", a leading planning company for Sikh and Hindu destination weddings in Greece.

Indian wedding in santorini
Indian wedding in santorini

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