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How To Choose The Right Wedding Accessories – The Do’s And Don’ts

by Peter Scully

You’re all ready for the big day, you want to feel and look your best, feeling so confident you can walk down the aisle with the biggest smile on your face, knowing your accessories look amazing. Here are some useful tips to consider when selecting those bridal accessories.

The Do’s

Have an open mind
When choosing accessories it is good to adopt an open mind policy. Choosing to be this way, will open doors to accessories that you once believed were not for you. Ensure that they work with the dress and not just your personal style as many brides make this mistake.

Speak to the professionals
While you may think that you know what looks good and what works for you it is always worth getting advice off people in the know. They can help to match details and jewellery to dresses as well as finding accessories that work with your features.

Give yourself time
Begin looking for accessories as soon as you can. Therefore, you will have time to look at as many accessories as possible and change your mind as many times as you wish. This will reduce stress but also make sure that you make the right decision.

Be true to yourself
If you are not comfortable wearing something, simply don’t wear it. If you’re wearing a tiara a good tip is to try and match certain details with your dress as this will make the perfect accessory that can be worn throughout the entire day – any excuse to wear a tiara ay!. Remember that your day will be photographed, capture your style and what you love and your pictures will come out exactly how you want them, you’ll be able to enjoy them forever.

The Don’ts

Undermine the dress
The dress is one of the most importance aspects of the day so try your best to not upstage it. You want people to remember your dress instead of the accessories that you were wearing so remember that the accessories do fall behind the dress in terms of importance, however being subtle with accessories is advised.

Less really is more so do not be tempted to go over the top on your special day. Sometimes, having every accessory possible can work against the look you are trying to achieve and so a smaller pair of earrings or headpiece will be a lot more effective. You can always switch up accessories during the day if you picked several pieces that you really love.

Accessorise before the dress
For many brides, going out to purchase accessories may seem like one of the easier tasks but it is important that accessories go well together the dress and this is why you should purchase the dress first. Failing to do so could mean that you have a completely mismatching outfit.

Following trends
It may be too tempting to follow trends but if you want to look timeless in your memories and photographs, opting to purchase accessories that are too trendy will mean that photos will date quickly.

Price tags
Everyone knows that a wedding can become a huge financial commitment once the plans begin to fall into place. The dress and accessories can both add a considerable amount to the cost. There is a wide range of accessories out there to choose from and all come at different prices so looking at jewellery that is not classed as ‘wedding jewellery’ can sometimes save a lot of money. Don’t feel like you have to purchase the most expensive items because you really do not have to.

About Peter Scully

peterscullyPeter Scully is a marketing consultant for Jollys Jewellers, a family run jewellery business since the 1830's.

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