Love Is Sweet With These Wedding Cake Substitutes

You've chosen a destination wedding and want to make sure it’s a fabulous, enjoyable experience for everyone that attends. After all, most of your guests will have traveled a long way to watch you say your vows, and deserve to have a great time.

The food you serve at your reception can make or break your day. Depending on your destination and the time of year you’re getting married, you may find that a traditional wedding cake is just too heavy. Here are some great ideas for alternative dessert options:

Candy Bar

The nice thing about having a candy bar at your wedding is that your guests have some freedom to choose what they like, instead of having just one option. You can get really creative with how you decorate your candy bar, and you can have little goody bags available for your guests to stock up with. You can even consider that the wedding favor for your guests, so you'll save some money and they'll take home something they enjoy.

Cupcake Stand

If you love cupcakes, your wedding guests probably will too. Pick out a few of your favorite flavors, and create a nice display stand. Put out signs so your guests know what the flavor options are, and be sure to have enough for everyone to have at least one. It's unlikely that everyone will have one, but you need to be prepared. Better to have too many than not enough.

Ice Cream Bar

Who doesn't love a big bowl of ice cream? More importantly, who doesn't love making ice cream sundaes? Having an ice cream bar at your wedding is a fun and affordable way to give your guests a dessert option that allows them to be creative. It can also help to keep them cool in a hot climate. You can offer all the fixings like sprinkles, chocolate syrup, candy bits and of course, cherries. Give your guests at least two flavor options and let them go to town on building the ice cream sundae of their dreams.

Fondue Fountain

This option is romantic and delicious. Most people have fun with it, and it will offer that dose of sweetness that your guests are craving after dinner. Give your guests several different dipping options, like strawberries, bananas, marshmallows or pretzels.

You don't need to have a wedding cake to have a great wedding. These sweet alternatives will make the day just as memorable, and your guests will have a delicious time.

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