Why A Wedding Cape Is A Fashion Must For 2017

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when putting your wedding ensemble together but a wedding cape is the ultimate way to spruce up that white dress of yours. Not convinced? Let us give you a few reasons why a wedding cape is everything you need for your 2017 wedding.

It’s Warm

Even if you are going somewhere tropical for your wedding, temperatures can drop once the sun goes down and nobody wants to spoil their outfit by pulling on a chunky fleece or cardigan. This is when a cape is absolutely perfect. Whether you have opted for glamorous fur or elegant lace, simply wrap the cape around you shoulders and absorb its warmth without ruining your look.

It’s Unique

As previously stated, capes are not the first thing people usually think of when planning their outfit for their big day. This means that you can walk down the aisle knowing that very few others will have done so in an outfit like yours. If making a statement is important on your big day then a cape is a unique and original accessory that is easy to pull off and infinitely rewarding.

It’s Dynamic

Perhaps one of the best things about wearing a wedding cape is that it can completely transform you dress into two outfits. If you have a simple dress, opt for an elaborate and embellished cape that will jazz up your dress, changing it from understated and elegant to glamorous and bold. Alternatively if your dress is already exciting, top it off with something simple.

It’s Easier Than A Train

A classic bridal look is to have a long train trailing after you as you make your way down the aisle. As beautiful as this looks, it can be a bit of a pain to drag all that extra weight around with you. With a long cape, you can give the illusion of having a train without the commitment of actually having one. When it starts to get too heavy or cumbersome, just take it off!

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