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Why Bridal Gloves are having a moment

Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton wearing long black opera gloves on the red carpet

We’ve all just seen the Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton wearing Opera gloves in a very sleek white one-shoulder goddess style gown by one of her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, so it’s got us thinking about bridal wedding gloves. Also don’t forget, the style icon Carolyn Bessette wore sheer tulle gloves to her wedding to Jon F. Kennedy Jr. They are certainly an elegant and timeless accessory, have been around for centuries, and were first worn as a symbol of prestige and power. Here we look if they could be the right bridal option for you.

model sitting wearing white silk opera gloves

Should a bride wear gloves?
While gloves are not a necessity for a bride, they are a lovely way to add a touch of elegance, formality, and sophistication to your wedding attire. It is still an uncommon accessory today, so you can definitely make an entrance by wearing them. Also, they do have the additional bonus of hiding any imperfections or blemishes on the hands or nails or tan lines or scars.

The main drawback of wedding gloves is they simply may get in the way and be a bit impractical for your day, like at a beach wedding or a rustic outdoor wedding. You also want to make sure that you get a good fitting pair, as they can become uncomfortable to wear if too tight or made of non-breathable material. Think of sweaty hands on your wedding day!

However, if you're looking for a way to stand out and create a sophisticated look, we think gloves can be the perfect accessory for you.

African American bride in a white wedding dress, touches her face with vintage wedding gloves, wedding in Florence, Italy

What to do with gloves during the wedding ceremony
The general rule of thumb is to remove your gloves during the wedding ceremony so that you can exchange rings and sign the marriage certificate. You can put your gloves back on for the reception.

model in wedding dress wearing white lace bridal gloves with arms crossed over in the air
Gigi & Olive lace bridal gloves on
Nicole Peltz standing in white wedding dress with veil and lace opera length gloves s

Do you wear rings over or under gloves?
It is traditional to wear your wedding rings over your gloves. However, if you prefer to wear your rings under your gloves, that is perfectly acceptable as well.

couple holding hands with bride wearing wrist length wedding gloves

What are the 11 best bridal gloves for modern brides and why?
1) Fingerless lace gloves - great for brides who want a vintage-inspired look without being too traditional. They offer a delicate touch of lace and allow for ease of movement.

Fingerless Lace Opera Gloves
Fingerless Lace Opera Gloves on Cornelia James

2) Silk gloves - for the bride who wants a more sleek and elegant look. These gloves provide a classic and timeless feel that pairs well with many different styles of dresses.

3) Crystal-embellished gloves - for a touch of glamour and sparkle, crystal-embellished gloves are a great option. They can be used to add an extra element of bling to a simple dress or to complement a dress with crystal details.

4) Statement gloves - if as a bride you want to make that bold statement with her gloves, statement gloves are for you. Here you can opt for a pair that is heavily embellished, has a unique texture or pattern, or is a bright color.

5) Crochet gloves - these gloves provide a bohemian and romantic feel, perfect for a bride who wants a more relaxed and laid-back vibe.

6) Wrist-length gloves - for a more understated look, wrist-length gloves provide a subtle touch of elegance. They are a great option if you want to wear gloves but don't want them to be too overpowering.

Wrist length bridal gloves with pearls embellishment lace
Wrist length bridal gloves with pearls embellishment lace on

7) Elbow-length gloves - elbow-length gloves offer a bit more coverage and can add a touch of drama to a bride's look. They work really well with strapless dresses or dresses with short sleeves. Long elbow-length satin gloves are ideal for creating a timeless and sophisticated look.

8) Opera-length gloves - these gloves are the epitome of elegance and sophistication. They provide a high-fashion look and pair well with a classic ball gown or formal wedding dress. They come up over the elbow crease. Think of the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton on the red carpet with Prince William at the BAFTAs 2023.

Tulle Opera Gloves with Mousquetaire
Tulle Opera Gloves with Mousquetaire on Cornelia James

9) Floral gloves - this option is very feminine and adds a playful touch. They can be used to add a pop of color to a simple dress or to complement a dress with floral accents.

10) Leather gloves - leather gloves can be a great option for a winter wedding, to give you an edgy look or simply for that ‘badass’ bride! They are perfect for a modern and sleek bridal style.

11) Sheer gloves - for a delicate and ethereal look, sheer gloves can be a great option. They provide a subtle touch of elegance and can work well with dresses that have sheer or illusion details.

Tulle gloves
Tulle Gloves on

Some popular materials used for wedding gloves are,
- Satin – for a shiny, smooth finish, for a formal and elegant look.
- Tulle – used for wedding veils and accessories, can add a soft, ethereal touch to a wedding look.
- Chiffon – lightweight sheer fabric, which can add a romantic, airy touch to a wedding dress.
- Silk - creates a very formal and high-end look.
- Velvet – for a rich and opulent look and can be used to create a vintage-inspired look.
- Mesh – for a very modern, edgy look.
- Lace – can add a delicate and romantic touch, the lace can be simple to very intricate and detailed.


In Summary
We don’t think that wedding bridal gloves are going away anytime soon. In fact, we think they will continue to be a great accessory option for brides who want to add that little bit more to their wedding outfit. Whether you choose fingerless lace gloves, long satin gloves, or elegant gauntlets, you are sure to create a stunning and unforgettable look on your special day.

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