Yes to the Stunning Virgin Islands for your wedding

Yes to the Stunning Virgin Islands for your wedding

by – Capt Jay, Sail Helios

The United States Virgin Islands (USVI for short) is one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for couples looking to tie the knot in a romantic, tropical setting.

Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton wearing long black opera gloves on the red carpet

Why Bridal Gloves are having a moment

We’ve all just seen the Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton wearing gloves in a very sleek white one-shoulder goddess style gown by one of her favorite designers, Alexander McQueen, so it’s got us thinking about bridal wedding gloves.

Are Morganite Wedding Sets for you

Are Morganite Wedding Sets for you

Are you wondering if Morganite is the right wedding or engagement ring for you? It has certainly started to trend and recently gained a lot of popularity for brides-to-be. To help you make this decision, we jump into finding out more about morganite wedding sets and help you decide if this gemstone is the right one for you!

Bride & Groom across the sea pool at Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe, Devon UK

Alchemy Wedding Photography Cornwall, UK

Hello, we are David and Christine Wilkins, a Wedding Photographer and Videographer team based in Cornwall, UK.

As a husband and wife team, we have been photographing weddings together since 2011 and more recently have added film to our list of services.

Background of astrology concept with love hearts in the center

2023 & 2024 Horoscopes to Choose Compatible Wedding Dates

Using your horoscope we look at dates in 2023 & 2024 to choose compatible wedding dates.

You got engaged. Congratulations! The question is, when is the big day? You might have an image of a spring or summer wedding, but you need to make your mind up on the date. Some believe the answer lies in the stars, and your zodiac sign can help you decide.

Jordan Ellen wedding cakes Florida

Jordan Ellen Wedding Cakes

Hi! My name is Jordan Ellen. I am the cake artist and owner of Jordan Ellen Cakes, a boutique cake studio located in Central Florida. I create edible pieces of art that are crafted with a classic approach for the modern bride.

Ultimate Guide to tying the knot in Greece

Ultimate Guide to tying the knot in Greece

Describing a destination wedding in Greece is like drawing a vivid watercolor painting on a vast canvas. Blue for the sea and the church domes, white for the ancient marbles and the picturesque villages, turquoise water of the beach bays, deep green for the unspoiled nature, purple-red for the sun sinking into the sea. In the middle of this fairy-tale setting, as a couple in love, exchanging your vows of eternal love surrounded by beloved friends and relatives.

Young woman tourist in sunglasses sitting on swing seat of coconut shop with drink menu at roadside, Tulum

Cabo versus Tulum, Which Is Best To Get Married?

Cabo and Tulum are two popular wedding destinations in Mexico. Each offers unique characteristics and is on opposite sides of the country. Tulum is on the Caribbean Coast, while Cabo is on the Pacific Coast. If you are flying from the US, you’ll be flying longer to get to Tulum out on the Yucatán peninsula, with the recommendation of flying to Cancun first and then driving south to Tulum. 

destination iceland wedding, couple holding hands, Black Beach, Vik, Iceland

Elope to Iceland for magical Icelandic beauty and scenery

There's no need for there to be polarity between your fairytale wedding and your real one. With Iceland's majestic beauty, your wedding can look like it came straight out of a Disney catalog.

Everybody wants their magical day to be perfect.  Eloping to Iceland offers a wedding in a country that has breathtaking views, friendly people, clean air, and pristine nature all around. With a myriad of exquisite sites that are abundant in greenery and designed for photo shoots, there is no shortage of options regarding where to celebrate your special day.

Wedding Packages in Hawaii for busy and no fuss brides

Aloha! You’ve decided that you would like a Hawaiian wedding that involves minimal planning and organization. Then a Hawaiian wedding package could be ideal, it removes a lot of the stress of planning a wedding in a different country, and is a good option when you don’t have all the vendor contacts, and just simply value and want to save time.

Australian wedding venue ideas

Saying I Do In Australia - Australian wedding venue ideas

Australia is one of the most widely varied countries in the world. From the tropical beaches of Queensland to the urban glitz of major cities like Sydney and Melbourne to the deep red tones of the Outback, you can find any setting you want in the land down under.

Birth chart compatibility for marriage

How to use your Horoscope to choose the most compatible wedding date in 5 steps

Choosing your wedding date based on the stars, well that just sounds outrageous! But acutally, it isn't. Why wouldn’t you consult the sky to find the most perfect day? There is no harm in sprinkling a little bit of extra fairy dust on the most important day of your life! 

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Yes to the Stunning Virgin Islands for your wedding
Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton wearing long black opera gloves on the red carpet
Are Morganite Wedding Sets for you