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A one-of-a-kind experience gift voucher company.

We are passionate travelers and adventure seekers. We love experiencing the world with friends and loved ones, at Tinggly we believe life's most thrilling moments define us and we believe that everyone should experience the world, because memories are everything. 

It's too easy to delay adventure with excuses, we want you to escape from the every day world and dive into new adventures and experiences. If you dare to dream we can help make it come true, and turn your dreams into unforgettable memories... Our mission in inspiration and our creed simplicity. We bring the joy of exploration and adventure to everyone who wants live life to the fullest. 

Here at Tinggly we bring you all the world’s greatest experiences to you, in a simple, convenient and easy way. No matter where you are. We don't believe in physical clutter, only experiences that you can feel and remember. We take out all the hard choices and leave only what counts incredible experiences everything thats, unique, special, off the beaten track. From extreme, water, mountains, flying, to gourmet, and luxury. We inspire you by showcasing the worlds most amazing experiences. We enable you to give experiences in the most simple and easy way. We help you give dreams& experiences! We believe that giving experiences makes the perfect gift!