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Faithful Wedding Services

North America · Jamaica · Westmoreland West End Road, Negril P.O, Westmoreland, Jamaica


Faithful Wedding Services in Negril, Jamaica has a love for decorating and experience in planning events of all forms.  Faithful Wedding Services' owner and founder Faith Fraser demonstrates she has a  love for decorating by assisting other wedding planners in Jamaica. The business grew at a rapid rate and soon started to capture the attention of local wedding couples looking for full service wedding planner.

Wedding Packages

1) "TWO BECOMES ONE" Wedding Package

* Services of a marriage officer
* Tropical wedding location
* Arrangement for a marriage license and marriage certificates
* Services of a wedding planner

Package price: US$400
(Package is based on four (4) people)


2) "LOVE IN PARADISE" Wedding Package

* Services of a marriage officer
* Tropical wedding location
* Arrangement for a marriage license and marriage certificates
* Services of a wedding planner
* Single tier wedding cake
* 1 chilled bottle of champagne for toasting
* 1 hour photography and 30 digital images on CD
* Groom's bouttonaire
* Tropical bridal bouquet
*Cake cutting and champagne toast

Package price: US$700

(Package is based on (7) people)


Address: West End Road, Negril P.O, Westmoreland, Jamaica

Reviews Summary

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what happened to professionalism?

Review Submitted: 2015-09-13 20:19
I have never written a review before but given the level of disrespect and unprofessional ism I was greeted with from Faith, I find it necessary to speak up. I planned my destination in negril and Faith was recommended through a family friend of hers (1st mistake). From my first meeting with her I wasn't too please but again she was by recommendation. Fast forward to the week leading up to my wedding I arrived in Jamaica five days before my wedding. Prior to arriving in Jamaica she texted me about meeting up with pastor the day she choose was going to be a busy day for me with all my family arriving on the island that day and me and my now husband would be at the airport picking up. I told her that day wasn't a great day but if that's the day then the meeting would have to be early morning. She never responded. While on the island my husband contacted her three days before the wedding, he said she was in another parish at the time. To this point no contact from her. I started to worry because my wedding was in a few days and I haven't met with pastor (which was important to me), did a cake test, met with video Grapher or photographer. Finally I reached out to her via text because we were told she lost her phone or that it was stolen. Yet she does have employees and an office phone, so I'm not sure why that excuse should suffice. Moving on the meeting was set up for friday, one day before the wedding! This is when I started to realize who I was dealing with. Couple months prior she set up a phone conference with me and the baker, who I explained in details and send pics of the cake I wanted. When we arrived to her office Friday we were greeted with samples of the cake. The cake was delicious but not what I wanted. I was immediately told by Faith and the baker that the cake was baked already! How do you bake a cake without getting the brides approval!? Again the cake didn't taste bad so I sighed and went along. Later on in the night my husband was in contact with her and he stated that there were things she told him she would get but then later told him he would have to get them himself (we wanted lobster and she stated she knew someone, but somehow when it was time to purchase I guess she didn't speak with lobster person, so my husband had to rush and get the lobsters elsewhere). About a month before the wedding I asked her about recommendations for makeup artist, she never got back to me. She them stated in our first meeting (one day before the wedding) if I was still looking for makeup artist. Seriously? The day before my wedding your asking me that after I asked a month ago? Next the MC (who I also wanted to meet with) we were told the day before our wedding had a family emergency. Ok, but now it's a day prior to my wedding, my cake was bake before I could do a taste test, I haven't met with the pastor, video Grapher or photographer and now no Mc. The photographer was at her office so I was able to speak with him and he put my mind at ease. Now in the night we were at the church for practice I had to tell her I wasn't happy with how she was conducting business. I guess wrong move on my part, she flared up at me and said "what the f$!k am I suppose to do." Now..... I honestly wanted to believe that she said that because I am jamaican born and/or again because of the person who recommended me(meaning if I was a complete stranger who found her on my own) she wouldn't have conducted business that way. I found that to be very unprofessional and down right rude. I work hard and was spending thousands of $$$ on my wedding and felt like Faith was providing with Faith's service, not the bride's. I practically did everything myself (my husband and I) except decorate the venue which was decorated with very poor quality sashes. I can go on and on about the inconsistencies in was Faith stated she would do and provide vs. What I actually recieved. Then just to find out that many locals states to me they would never recommend her and that she is rude. I hope this review does one of two things, help her to change her mannerism or help a bride from having a wedding Faith wants and not one that the bride should recieve.
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