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FABIO ZARDI Event & Wedding Design

Europe · Greece · South Aegean 84700 Fira, Santorini, Greece
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Fabio Zardi offers you an highly qualified service starting w ith a first consultation in which we try to get an idea of your style, your personality, and the image of yourself that you want to give to your guests.We draw together a concept for the event, and we develop it turning to the details of the project: details regarding decoration, floral design and organizational aspects for the implementation. We will not give you a simple quote, nor one of those anonymous pre-built packages that should suit to anyone. We are at your side to design your event according to your needs, your style and your personality. If you turn to us you will verify that we are able to follow you with unique and tailored proporals and high profile advice.

Every wedding, every event is a world apart: trying to trivialize it with standard offerings or ready made packages is the most unprofessional we could offer to our customers. That's why Fabio Zardi offers a bespoke proposal, in which all his experience and expertise are put at your disposal to create something special. Of course, it would be easier to copy arrangements published in various blogs on the internet, because it would save all of the time required by the design of a new and not trivial idea. It would be easier to use the most common flowers or decorations, without creating new models made by professional craftsmen, and without resorting to the proposals of luxury companies. But then what would distinguish a reception or ceremony designed by Fabio Zardi? And - more importantly - what will distinguish your wedding or your event from those seen on Pinterest? Excellence and luxury is winning choice. Attention to detail, starting by the high quality of flowers (especially ordered for you) to the particularity of decorational items. Always with a tailored proposal, that will never be replicated because it is designed only for a specific circumstance and for a special customer.

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Address: 84700 Fira, Santorini, Greece

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