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Wedding Guide Italy - Lake Como

Newly weds Lake Como, Italy
Highlights Weather and Climate
Villa Revel Parravicini Culture and Etiquette
Villa Serbelloni Food and Drink
Villa dEste Money and Wedding Costs
Villa Confalonieri Legal Requirements for Marrying in Lake Como, Italy

Cruise on the lake and try delicious Italian cuisine at one of the many restaurants. A traditional Lake Como dish is the Risotto con Pesce Persico, made with freshly caught Perch from the lake.

Lake Como has also provided a perfect film location, including James Bond’s Casino Royale, filmed at Villa del Balbianello.

A Lover’s Walk leads from the lake to the traditional town of Varenna, a place that has maintained much of its authenticity.

Lake Como ticks the boxes for an incredible wedding destination in Italy. Choose this spectacular setting, and you will be in the company of the rich and famous, including George Clooney.


Easily accessible from Milan’s airports by car or train, Lake Como offers a plethora of wedding venues, ranging from exclusive villas to intimate venues.

Villa Revel Parravicini

Lake Como wedding venue, Vialla Revel Parravicini, Weddings at Lake Como
As featured on Villa Revel Parravicini, Lake Como Weddings

A beautiful villa overlooking Lake Como with a private dock, you can be sure to make an entrance and arrive in style by boat. The villa maintains many original features and furnishings that welcome you and up to 100 guests in one of four large reception halls.

A perfect destination if you love history and beautiful gardens and want a stunning wedding venue set on the lake.

Villa Serbelloni

Lake Como wedding venue, Vialla Revel Parravicini, Weddings at Lake Como
As featured on Villa Serbelloni, Lake Como Weddings

The award-winning hotel, Villa Serbelloni, in the village of Bellagio, is a beautiful wedding venue offering a first-class experience.

Villa Serbelloni has welcomed guests since 1873, including Sir Winston Churchill and Al Pacino. In 1904, it won a Michelin Star, which it still holds today.

With a choice of reception rooms, it can accommodate up to 70 guests for a more intimate experience or up to 200 in one of its larger rooms.

Recognized as a gastronomical experience, you can enjoy meals like Risotto made with Champagne, pike from the lake, and caviar.

To accommodate your guests there are 95 bedrooms ranging from classically styled to Imperial Rooms.

A 5-star hotel with traditional Italian gardens, impressive halls, and gourmet dining, the wedding venue provides plenty of photo opportunities to capture moments of your fairytale wedding.

Villa d’Este

Lake Como wedding venues, Villa d’Este, Weddings at Lake Como
As featured on Villa d’Este, Lake Como Weddings

Described as a dream scene, Villa d'Este, celebrates its 150th season in 2022. This grand hotel oozes elegance and is welcomed many by triple A-list guests, along with winning numerous awards. The hotel has 152 rooms to accommodate guests and is decorated with marble floors and crystal chandeliers, whilst being surrounded by 25 acres of gardens.

The hotel offers a selection of banquet rooms, with a capacity of 40 up to 400 guests. Your selection will depend on if you would like a buffet or a cocktail reception.

The hotel has several restaurants, offering different experiences. One restaurant describes its menu as simple and refined, serving antipasti of Roasted Octopus, tomato, and vegetable gazpacho.

Villa Confalonieri

Weddings Lake Como Italy, Villa Confalonieri Weddings
As featured on Villa Confalonieri, Lake Como Weddings

Villa Confalonieri was built-in 1913 and is set 300 meters back from the shores of Lake Como, in the small village of Mandello del Lario. With a backdrop of The Grigna Range Mountains, the village is home to Moto Guzzi, the famous motorbikes, and handmade silk.

Villa Confalonieri provides a view of the lake from its turret. You can enjoy an intimate wedding with up to 21 family members and friends, relax by the pool, and avoid the high cost of a Lake Como wedding. A private chef can offer a continental or regional menu using local ingredients.

This beautiful wedding venue offers an alternative destination to the glitz of the high-end locations on the shores of Lake Como, without compromising on style and elegance.

Weather and Climate

Lake Como experiences relatively cold, damp winters and warm, sunny summers. The best time to visit is between April and October when the weather is warm and mild.

Spring, March to May with temperatures 48 - 60°F (8.9 – 15.6 degrees). There is some rain, May being the wettest with up to 12 days of rain.

Summer, June to August, with temperatures between 75 - 86°F (23.9 – 30 degrees). Lake Como’s waters can exceed 68°F. There is a chance of the odd shower.

Autumn, September to November are months with changing colors of the leaves. Temperatures steadily drop from September to October and reach lows of 41°F (5 degrees) in November.

Winter sees temperatures drop dramatically. January is the coldest month, with average temperatures of 33°F (less than 1 degree). There is a chance of snow on Lake Como, and the mountains offer skiing opportunities.

Culture and Etiquette

Lake Como is a medley of diversity. Writers, poets, and composers, including the Hungarian composer and pianist Franz Liszt, have been inspired by the beauty of the lake. Tourists have visited the area to escape the hustle of their urban lives.

Lake Como is proud of its industrial history, from silk-making to sports motorbikes. They celebrate their folklore and traditions with annual events. The Pesa Vegia dates back 400 years when the people of Bellano rebelled against Spanish rule. The festival celebrates victory with performers and colorful costumes.

Food and Drink

Lake Como has a Festival of Misultin and Lake Fish. Misultin, are a form of preserved freshwater sardine. They are salted and dried, often in the sun, and usually served with polenta. Italians in Northern Italy tend to eat polenta and rice. Grilled Misultin and crispy toasted Polenta are a specialty of Lake Como.

Cutizza is a traditional dessert of the region, similar to a pancake or crepe. It can be served as a snack or enjoyed as a dessert with a glass of sweet wine, such as Moscato, produced in the northwest region of Italy.

Money and Wedding Costs

Lake Como wedding costs can escalate. It has an abundance of luxury wedding venues sought after by the wealthy. However, with some knowledge and preparation, you can enjoy your special day on a smaller budget.

Prices vary from a 3-day wedding for 50 guests at US $90,300.00 to US $402,000.00 for 180 guests.

There are many variables to the cost of wedding here. Some Lake Como wedding venues offer different terraces or rooms varying in size. Villa Del Balbianello is open to the public, and to a wedding group with 50 guests or fewer, including the bride and groom.  However, if you wish to have more guests, the villa will have to be closed to the public, increasing the cost.

Weddings Lake Como Italy, Villa Monastero, Civil ceremony
As featured on Villa Monastero, Lake Como Weddings

For non-residents of the area to hold a civil ceremony or symbolic wedding at Villa Monastero, the price is US $1506.00.

Check if prices include VAT, which is not always the case, and at 22%, it is quite a bit extra to add onto a Lake Como Wedding cost.

The popularity of weddings in Lake Como also means you need to plan and book in advance. At least 8 to 12 months, and in some cases, 24 months.

To compare Lake Como Wedding costs with other regions of Italy, read our Italian Wedding Guide Highlights.

Legal Requirements for Marrying in Lake Como, Italy.

Many churches around Lake Como will only marry residents. However, it is possible to celebrate the religious rites in the churches of Varenna. Some churches will conduct the ceremony in English.

For a legally binding wedding, you must incorporate a civil ceremony into the marriage for non-catholic weddings.

It is possible to have civil weddings at Lake Como wedding venues.

Click the link for further details on legal requirements for marrying in Italy.

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