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Weddings in Spain - Spanish Wedding Guide

Weddings in Spain
Spain Facts Culture and Etiquette
Highlights Food And Drink
Finca Comassema Money And Wedding Costs
This Must Be The Place Legal Requirements For Marrying in Spain
Ronda, Andalusia Regions Of Spain
Weather and Climate  

Spain offers a plethora of unique wedding venues for your perfect day, from vineyards, rustic castles, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the meditation coastline with endless clean and safe beaches, equally worthy as an intimate setting if you also plan to elope to Spain.

Wedding Spain

So, throw in some incredible Spanish food and dance a Seguidillas Mancegas, a traditional Spanish wedding dance, and Spain offers everything you could desire to bring your fairytale to life. After all, the Spanish culture is renowned for its love and passion, romantic language, and a cultural history rich in poetry and music.

Spain Facts

Size:                           505,935 km²

Population:                46.8 million

Capital City:               Madrid

Currency:                   Euro

Languages Spoken:  There are five official languages spoken in Spain. Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Basque and Aranese.

Main Religion:           Catholicism


Major Holidays:

New Year’s Day -                                  1st January

Epiphany -                                             6th January

Good Friday -                                        15th April

Assumption of Mary -                            15th August

National Day of Spain -                        12th October

All Saints Day -                                     1st November

Constitution Day -                                  6th December

Feast of the Immaculate Conception -  8th December


You will be spoilt for choice by the array of wedding venues in Spain and the welcome that you get, with ‘mi casa es su casa’, which literally means ‘my house is your house’. These are some of our favorites.

Finca Comassema

Wedding Venue Spain, This Must Be The Place, Spain
As featured on Finca Comassema

Finca Comassema, another UNESCO site, provides a unique setting for a wedding on the Spanish island of Mallorca. This beautiful estate has views of the mountains and gardens. This manor house offers beauty and elegance to your special day. 

This Must Be The Place

Wedding Venue Spain, This Must Be The Place, Spain
As featured on This Must Be the Place website

Barcelona is a destination where historic meets modern. Famous for striking architecture, vibrant cultural heritage, and world-class dining.

About an hour’s drive from Barcelona, This Must Be The Place is a restored farmhouse with a blend of bohemian and rustic charm. The location has panoramic views of rolling hills and the Pyrenees. The venue’s owners offer an in-house Wedding Day Coordination Service, ensuring your day runs smoothly.

Ronda, Andalusia

Wedding venues in Spain, Ronda, Andalusia, Spain

Ronda is a town in the Andalusian region in Southern Spain. The town lies in two halves, divided by the El Tajo gorge. Linking the two sides is the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), completed in 1793, after 40 years of construction.

This dramatically positioned town makes a fabulous backdrop for a wedding, and Casa Museo Don Bosco provides an unequaled setting. The house was built in 1850 and is now a museum and venue for Spanish guitar concerts and special events. The gardens have a cliff-edge viewing platform with views of the gorge.

For more wedding location ideas see wedding destination in Spain .

Weather and Climate

Spain is renowned for its sunny days. Boasting around 3,000 sunshine hours a year makes it an excellent wedding destination. However, there are regional differences.

Northern Spain is known as ‘Green Spain’ due to its lush green landscapes. The area receives a lot of rainfall, even in the summertime. However, the summer days tend to be warm, around 25° degrees. The winters can be cold and wet, with snow in the mountains.

Central Spain has dry, hot summers, regularly reaching 40°. Winters are usually cold and can drop below 0°degrees in January.

The Mediterranean climate is sunny along the east and southern coasts. Summer can get incredibly hot, reaching 45° degrees as far south as Malaga and in the inland town of Cordoba. A strong wind can sometimes bring the sand from Africa, usually in the spring.

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Culture and Etiquette

Flamenco, April Fair in Seville, Spain
Flamenco, April Fair in Seville, Spain

Spain is a welcoming country full of love and passion. Family is important and plays a big part in social life. Lunch is usually sizable and shops will closeand streets will empty. The Spanish often eat their evening meals late at night, sometimes at 10 pm.

A part of Spain’s drinking culture is Sombremesa, which translates to ‘over the table.’ It is the time spent after a meal, where you drink and laugh, enjoya coffee or digestif, usually sherry or liquor in Spain.

Spain has a rich and diverse history.  The UNESCO site, Alhambra Palace, is a breathtaking reminder of Spain’s history and is one of Spain's most visited tourist attractions

Food And Drink

Spanish Paella

Spain is a country famous for its delicious cuisine. The food is diverse and uses local ingredients and traditional cooking methods.

The famous rice-based paella originated when farmers and laborers made the dish in Valencia, Spain’s largest rice producer. Over time, recipes adapted with the introduction of seafood. Today, there are over 200 recipes under the generic label ‘paella.’

Tapas is also a popular food style that is a small portion of food. A myth suggests tapas originated when King Alfonso was recovering from an illness and could only eat small amounts.

Spain ranks in the top three of the world's largest wine producers . The most famous is La Rioja, produced in North Central Spain.

Money And Wedding Costs

The average wedding cost in Spain in 2021 was €22,000 (US$23,000). This price ranges from €15,000 for a laid-back wedding to €25,000 for a luxury wedding.If you plan on eloping in Spain, you can lower this figure. Weddings in Spain are comparatively cheaper compared to other European countries.

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The Euro is the only accepted currency, and all major cards are accepted.

Legal Requirements For Marrying in Spain

When marrying in Spain, a civil marriage begins with applying for a certificate of permission to marry (Certificado de Capacidad Matrimonial). You apply at the Town Hall or the Civil Registry (Registro Civil).

A posting of The Banns (a publication of intent to marry) follows, and 21 days must pass without anyone contesting the marriage.

The civil marriage takes place on licensed premises, and a delegated Councillor or Mayor performs the ceremony.

The marriage is effective immediately after the ceremony, and you will receive a certificate after registration with the Civil Registry.

Regions Of Spain

There are 17 autonomous regions in Spain and two autonomous cities. Both of these cities are in Morocco. Each region offers its own distinctive character, which gives Spain a diverse history and culture.

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