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Antigua Wedding Photo by Jason Pickering

North America · Antigua & Barbuda English Harbour, Antigua
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At Antigua Wedding Photo we are dedicated to creating for you; imaginative, fun and beautiful imagery of your dream destination wedding. We know how much your wedding means to you and we know how important the memories of that idyllic day will be to you throughout the following years. Photography is perfect for capturing and holding those previous memories and our mission is to make them as stunning and meaningful as possible.

Jason Pickering is our head of Photography and when asked why he got into this business he always says, I just love taking photos and it allows me to combine my artistry and creativity with the technical aspects of the discipline to produce lasting memories of beautiful days in a memorable setting. And.. what better place to take photos than the Caribbean?

We feel privileged to be based on the wonderful island nation of Antigua, in the West indies, where the light, vibrant colours and tones, and the outstanding natural beauty of the Caribbean coastline and landscape just make it an absolute pleasure to go to work and capture our clients having the time of their lives. Commission Antigua Wedding Photo for your wedding photography and you will go home with a set of images that you will cherish forever.

What you can expect:

  • Fantastic wedding photography and a truly fabulous set of wedding images that you will cherish and want to show to everyone.
  • Relaxed easygoing wedding photographer who will put you at your ease on the day and make the photos a natural and fun part of your wonderful wedding experience.
  • Friendly and responsive professionals who will ease the process from first enquiry to viewing the finished photos.
  • Fun!
  • Creativitive and highly skilled processing to add that will add style and raise the final images to the highest standard.
  • Speedy and rapid turnaround of your images so you can see exactly how beautiful you looked ASAP.
  • Competitive fees that make the highest quality wedding photography available to a wide audience.

Key Info

+1 268 770 1143


Address: English Harbour, Antigua

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