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Three Ways To Plan Your Destination Wedding

Whether you decide to organize your destination wedding yourself or enlist the help of professionals, follow our destination wedding planning guide to find out more about the three ways to plan the wedding of your dreams.

Booking Your Wedding Through A Tour Operator Or Travel Agent


  • Using a tour operator or travel agent is useful if you want someone else to take care of the flights, hotels, activities, etc.
  • If you’re unsure where you want to wed, an operator/agent will give you the option of a variety of locations and suggest an opportune time to go.
  • The operator/agent can organize all of your guests’ arrangements often giving group discounts.
  • They will inform you if any medical inoculations are required by the chosen destination.


  • Unfortunately, they sometimes offer a limited choice of hotels and activities. Because they work within a certain network, your decisions are restricted to what they are offering.
  • You may not be informed of any negatives that you might have found with your own research.
  • Because certain discount wedding packages are popular, you might be sharing your special day with another couple (or two, or three, or four).


  • Shop around. Different operators/agents will offer different deals. It pays to find the one that meets your budget and wishes.
  • Ask around. Your friends and family might have good recommendations of travel agents they’ve used in the past.
  • Compare the rate you’re getting from your agent with the rate you find on the internet to make sure you’re getting the absolute best deal.
  • Even if you think your agent should inform you about something, for instance, having a visa before entering a country, they may not. Do yourself a favor and check beforehand.

Hiring A Wedding Planner To Organize Your Wedding Abroad


  • A wedding planner will organize all aspects of your wedding. This is especially helpful if you can’t make trips to your destination before the big day.
  • They will have existing contacts and offer you a wide selection of vendors they’ve worked with in the past, giving you details and information about them that you’d not be able to find on your own.
  • Their presence at the wedding to ensure everything runs smoothly leaves you to enjoy your wedding as you should.


  • Hiring wedding planners can be pricy. Some may charge by the hour, if only a few aspects of the wedding are in their charge, but most will charge a flat fee ranging anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 for complete beginning to end wedding services.
  • Like tour operators and travel agents, wedding planners tend to work with the same vendors, possibly limiting your options for a specialized theme.
  • Many of the details are left to the planner’s discretion, creating a ceremony and reception that may feel impersonal.


  • You will be spending a lot of time with your planner. Make sure your personalities don’t clash by reading online reviews or asking around.
  • Work closely with them regarding paperwork requirements for the wedding. Keep track of which documents you’ve completed, sent, packed, etc.
  • Find out from your planner exactly what is and isn’t included in your package. Surprise extra costs will keep you on edge and unhappy during your special time.
  • If your budget is tight, “day-of-wedding” planners are useful for executing all the details and troubleshooting any problems that arise on the big day.

Organizing A Destination Wedding On Your Own


  • Make it truly your own by orchestrating every aspect of your wedding to the last detail. If you want purple lobster themed décor, you can make it happen.
  • Not having to hire professionals to do your planning for you will definitely save on the bucks.


  • Organizing a wedding abroad can be time consuming.
  • You want this day to be unforgettable. If you’re fretting over minute details, you won’t get a chance to enjoy yourself.
  • You don’t have access to the hot deals an experienced planner with local contacts does.
  • If your destination is in a non-English speaking country, it could be challenging to negotiate with vendors and get around without an interpreter.


  • As well as this destination wedding planning guide, if you do decide to plan your destination wedding yourself our Destination Wedding Country GuidesDestination Wedding Directory and Wedding Checklist include everything you need to make the process as simple and enjoyable as possible.
  • Be proactive about emailing vendors, asking questions, and confirming arrangements to ensure no breakdown in communication.
  • Use video conferencing to “personally” visit venues and see flowers, centerpieces, etc.
  • Read online reviews about each vendor you are considering using. Choose wisely.
  • Remember to breathe and relax, and you’ll be fine!

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