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Beaches in Hawaii to get married

Beaches in Hawaii to get married - Hawaii Wedding Guide

Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 3,875 kilometers from San Francisco and 8,516 kilometers from Manila. It is a group of volcanic islands, and the capital city is Honolulu. Hawaii consists of six major islands: Oahu, Lanai, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and Hawaii.

Florida destination weddings

Florida destination weddings - Florida Wedding Guide

Florida is a southern state in the United States of America, in the southeastern part of the US. The state borders Alabama and Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surround the state.

Getting Married In Canada - Canadian Wedding Guide


With stunning mountains and lakes defining the west coast, wheat-covered fields stretching across the prairies, European touches in Quebec, and quaint fishing villages on the east coast, there are few places in the world with culture and landscape quite as diverse as Canada’s.

How to get married in Cuba as an American

Getting Married In Cuba - Cuban Wedding Guide

With beautiful white-sand beaches, cobblestoned streets and colonial architecture, Cuba is the ideal destination for couples looking for a romantic wedding location.  Its tropical climate, delicious cocktails, world famous cigars, colorful streets, exciting music and vintage American cars make Cuba like nowhere else in the Caribbean.

Getting Married In Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic Wedding Guide

Tropical weather, white sand beaches, breathtaking views. If these are some of the things you want to make your destination wedding a dream come true, then the Dominican Republic may just be the spot for you.

Cost of wedding Flordia Keys

Getting Married In Florida Keys - Cost of wedding Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are off the Southern Coast of the United States. They are an island-chain of up 1,700 islands, spanning a total land area of 220 square kilometers. The islands begin at about 24 kilometers off Miami’s coast. 

Getting Married In Jamaica - Jamaican Wedding Guide

Sun-kissed skies, gorgeous white sand beaches, pristine blue water, and warm and vibrant people are just some of the features of Jamaica that make it the ideal island wedding destination.  Imagine creating the best picture-perfect moment by pressing your lips against those of your new husband or wife against a backdrop of a sunset illuminating the calming sea. Why not take it a step further by experiencing the colorful and diverse Jamaican culture through food, music, and dance.  Come and be a part of the Jamaican “Yaadie” experience and create an unforgettable wedding.

Cost of a wedding in Mexico

Getting Married In Mexico - Mexican Wedding Guide

If your idea of a perfect wedding involves beautiful scenery then Mexico has it all. The natural sights here are breathtaking - white tropical beaches next to gleaming turquoise waters, snow-capped stratovolcanoes of monumental proportions, pacific bays with high rolling surf, verdant rainforest full of life, and majestic canyons that plunge hundreds of meters. The culture of this remarkable country is rich and historic, with a whole host of gorgeous colonial towns and haciendas to tour that have hardly changed in centuries. Or you could take in the many incredible feats of Mesoamerican architecture, with whole ancient cities perfectly intact.

Getting Married In The Bahamas - Bahamas Wedding Guide

A wedding in the Bahamas might just be the pinnacle of romance. Think of deserted white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, and palm trees. Picture all the Caribbean hallmarks - steel bands, sunshine, and congenial, laid-back people.

Getting Married In The USA - United States Wedding Guide

The United States hosts some of the most diverse cultures and scenery in the world. Its ethnic roots and New World flair boast romantic options in all 50 states, from effervescent shores to rocky mountains and deserts.

Containing an overwhelming array of venues, the USA is an alluring option for any couple desiring a destination wedding. Locations such as Las Vegas provide for a stress-free and quick means to wed. Others, like New England, boast the quintessential American pizzazz. Some prefer the city vibe and nightlife that New York, L.A., and Miami can offer, among others. Yet some may also prefer a laid-back atmosphere in the countryside. The diversity that the USA offers can provide any type of destination wedding imaginable.

sandy golden beach in Tulum, Mexico with Mayan ruins in foreground

Wedding Guide Mexico - Tulum

Come, visit Tulum for a magical wedding paradise. You can enjoy pristine beaches, exotic jungle life, and beautiful weather. The food scene is diverse, with food from Taco street joints to high-end restaurants.

A view across the bay to the cape of the bay of sea of cortez in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Wedding Guide Mexico – Cabo

Cabo is a destination for everyone. With fantastic year-round weather, beautiful beaches, and spectacular rock formations. It’s not hard to see why it is a favorite wedding venue. It also comes with  tantalizing cuisine, where traditional Mexican fuses with international plates, like Korean Tacos, and Mexican tacos with Korean-style fillings, such as Kimchi or bulgogi, or Korean BBQ beef.

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