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Florida destination weddings - Florida Wedding Guide

Florida destination weddings
Location - Florida destination weddings Money and wedding costs
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Location - Florida destination weddings

Florida is a southern state in the United States of America, in the southeastern part of the US. The state borders Alabama and Georgia, and the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico surround the state.

How Long is the flight to Florida?

The flight to Florida from London, United Kingdom, is a ten-hour flight. The flight from New York City to Florida takes about 3 hours, and the flight from Los Angeles to Florida takes 4 hours and 45 minutes.


What is Florida Famous for?

romantic couple walking on Florida beach at sunset, Florida, USA

Florida is famous for being the “Sunshine State,” offering some of America’s best weather. Hundreds of kilometers of beautiful pristine beaches run along Florida’s coastline, and many of those beaches are empty. Did you know that Florida has the longest coastline in the United States?

Airboat in Everglades, Florida, USA

The world also knows Florida for the Everglades – the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. It is home to some of the world’s most unique wildlife, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Crocodiles and alligators live together in the Everglades – the only place in the world where this happens!

Furthermore, Florida is the boating and fishing capital of the world. You can find excellent boating and fishing tours throughout the state. Florida is home to some of the world’s greatest family entertainment because it is home to the Walt Disney World Resort – the world’s most visited theme park.

Miami is one of America’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities. The city has incredible art, nightlife, and beaches. There are so many superb places to get married within the city and various fantastic neighborhoods. Attracting over 14 million tourists yearly, it is one of America’s most popular destinations.

Popular Florida Wedding destinations

A popular wedding resort in Miami is the Fisher Island Club because it is secluded and only accessible via Miami. It has excellent facilities and the private beach makes it a popular Miami wedding resort, and one of Florida’s top beach wedding venues. But you may be wondering, what is the best beach to get married on in Florida?

Fort Myers Pier Beach, Florida, USA

There are many great opinions, such as Fort Myers Beach, Naples, and St. Pete Beach. Fort Myers Beach is a 7-mile long sandy beach on the Gulf of Mexico. Naples beach is one of Florida’s most luxurious beaches, surrounded by 5-star hotels. St. Pete Beach is a resort city known for having some of Florida’s greatest coastal views and beaches.

Weather and climate

Florida is one of America’s larger states, so there are different climates within the state. Florida’s north and central parts offer a humid subtropical climate, whereas South Florida has a tropical climate, where there can be heavy rain and thunderstorms, particularly during May to October.

Northern Florida does have a winter, but the temperature rarely drops under 59 Fahrenheit (15 degrees Celsius) during those months. It is possible to see snow in Florida’s northern areas, but it is infrequent. However, due to Florida’s hot climate, it’s possible to enjoy sunshine throughout the year. The weather makes this state the number one choice for beach weddings. 

Culture and etiquette

Fort Myers beach time square at night, Florida, USA

Florida is predominantly a Christian state, Protestants are the majority religion. However, there are plenty of other religions, such as Jews, Muslims, and countless more. Visitors often refer to Florida locals as having the “Southern charm and hospitality.” They are very friendly, and you’ll find the classic southern culture in the northern areas.

Florida is highly multicultural and is home to a global population, but English and Spanish are the two predominant languages. There is a massive Hispanic population in Miami, and you can witness rich Hispanic culture throughout the city. Almost 19 percent of the Florida population can speak Spanish.

Food & Drink

Florida cuisine reflects Florida’s diverse cultures, offering cuisine from literally every corner of the world. Popular dishes include Caribbean and Hispanic, with many restaurants covering those two cuisines. One of Florida’s most popular dishes is the Southern ‘pit’ barbeque, a mixture of beef, chicken, and pork in a smoked brick barbeque, with a tangy sauce.

Native Floridians have eaten crab, candied sweet potatoes, fried frogs, garlic-seasoned prawns, rice and beans, and cornbread for centuries. If you want to try some of these exotic foods, you’ll find them throughout the state.

Also, the gastronomic scene in Florida is continually improving, with various world-class chefs living in the state. There are many upscale Mexican, Cuban, Haitian, and Jamaican restaurants with excellent lists of popular dishes. If you love classic American fast food – Florida has that too, with various ethnic-themed mega-restaurants offering vast buffets. Many of the Floridan diners serve fresh stone crabs; a delicacy only found and served in Florida.

Florida is home to so many bars and restaurants, and in places like Miami, the variety of alcohol is enormous. You can find beer, wine, and spirits from all corners of the globe. Popular drinks include Cuban cocktails like Mojhito’s and margaritas, and you can find these in all Miami bars where there is a massive Cuban population. If you are set on a beach wedding in Florida, you’ll be presented with an excellent mixture of food and drink!

Money and wedding costs

Aerial view Florida beach, wedding ceremony preparation, Florida, USA

Is it expensive to get married in Florida?
Weddings in Florida vary vastly in price, but you can get good budget deals on Florida beach weddings. The average wedding ceremony in Florida in 2015 was $22,251. However, Southern Florida weddings are much more expensive, averaging about $33,000 for the entire ceremony. This can be balanced out though in other ways, if you want your family and friends to attend, which could be more likely if they don’t have to travel out of the country and as far.

To obtain the official marriage license, you only need to spend $93.50, at the circuit court office, and if you’re a Florida resident, it decreases to $61.

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Legal requirements for marrying in Florida

Getting married in Florida is not a complicated process and much more comfortable than in many other countries. The essential thing to complete and receive is the State of Florida Marriage License, but there must be a three-day waiting period between the application and the marriage license starting. Importantly, non-residents of Florida do not need to go through this waiting period.

How do I get a Florida Marriage License?

You can apply for the Florida Marriage License at any Clerk of the Circuit Court.

There are some legal necessities; these include the couple being over 18, both having a valid government I.D. And previously married applicants must provide the death certificate or divorce certificate from their former marriage. Once you have the Florida license, you have 60 days to get married.

Furthermore, all couples getting married in Florida must read the state-published book “Family Law Handbook.

Sometimes, the local authorities will require you to get a permit to marry on certain parts of public land. These permits are at a local level, so you must do the research beforehand. If you need a permit, you must obtain one from the local authorities before the wedding. Florida beach weddings tend to require a permit.

The Official Visit Florida website has a detailed guide on the legal requirements to get married in the Florida.

Find out more by browsing our Florida Wedding Directory to start planning your dream wedding.

Regions in Florida

There is a variety of Florida regions, these include Northwest Florida, North Central Florida, Northeast Florida, Central West Florida, Central Florida, Central East Florida, Southwest Florida, and Southeast Florida.

Regions in Florida

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