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The Future Of Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography

by Helen Clark

Weddings have always been the greatest day in our lives. A day where everyone gathers, family and friends and celebrate the love and union of a perfect couple in a perfect moment. Naturally, videos and photos have always been best friends with weddings, as everyone wanted to capture the essence of that moment.

With the development of technology, we can expect that the way videos are created in the wedding industry will change. Some of the changes might be small, some of them big, but all of them will focus on creating higher-quality videos and making the job easier for cameramen, and more seamless for everyone else. So, what are some of the advancements we can expect?

1. 4K Videos

While this technology is already present and can be found even on some streaming services such as Netflix, it is not adopted worldwide… yet. This is always the case with new technologies.

In the beginning, everything is cool and flashy, new and expensive. After that comes the period where people start examining the downfalls and how that technology can survive in the current environment. 4K has passed this test, but it now faces the final challenge – how quickly the audience will adopt it.
The technology is still a bit expensive, but in the end, it will create great results, especially as 4K TVs are becoming mainstream.

2. Drone Vision for Wedding Videography

Drones are already as useful as they are controversial, and one thing is sure – they are the future. Drones will prove not only as an easy means of transportation for goods across small distances, but they will offer previously extremely expensive videos from high-above.

Instead of having to rent a helicopter to shoot that perfect overflying scene; a much more modest drone can do that as well, for only a fraction of the cost. Not to mention that drones are much easier to transport wherever you want, and extremely easier to learn how to properly manage. Naturally, drones have their own challenges, but will certainly prove to be a great addition to the wedding video industry in general.

drone vision

3. Clouds Will Rule

Video editing will be easier than ever. Not only are the internet speeds going up, but prices of cloud storage are going down; a perfect combination for large files that can be found in the wedding video editing process. In the near future, you will have multiple cameras uploading simultaneously to the same cloud, where that content can be edited live, or with a very small delay, and broadcast anywhere you want. This will improve collaboration in the video industry and be especially good for independent video makers.

4. Videos Will Be Everywhere

All of this will help drive the price of wedding videos down, which is especially good for those paying for it, but on the other hand, it will also make the process of creating those videos much easier – so it basically evens out. Individual video makers will have more free time on their hands to dedicate to new business opportunities, instead of spending endless nights editing videos.

videos everywhere

In the end, technology is always as good as how creatively it is used. There are probably whole aspects of technological advancement we cannot even see, that can happen overnight and change the video industry. For now, what we know is that wedding videos will become better in quality, much easier and faster to produce, and will offer techniques that were previously reserved only for those with extremely deep pockets – to everyone.

About Helen

Helen Clark has over 5 years of experience in writing and creating Video films. She has been associated with a host of sites related to Video films and has the expertise to work both on an editorial and advisory level. She intends to educate and keep audiences abreast of the latest trends in the world of videography and film making.  Presently, she is associated with Video Caddy - a video editing service company that is engaged in video editing and animation.

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