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Wedding Guide - Italy, Tuscany

Map of Regions of Italy showing Tuscany region
Highlights Weather and Climate
Vineyards Culture and Etiquette
Rustic Farmhouse Food and Drink
Castles Money and Wedding Costs
  Legal Requirements For Marrying in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a top destination for weddings. The area is considered the heart of Italian culture. Florence, the capital of the Tuscan region, is the birthplace of today's Italian language. Tuscany has maintained many architectural gems, The Tower of Pisa being one of the more famous.

Map of Regions of Italy showing Tuscany region

Along with breathtaking scenery, some excellent wines, like Chianti reds, and delicious regional cuisine. Dishes such as Crostini Toscani, a classic Tuscan antipasto of chicken liver pate served with small pieces of toast. Altogether this makes Tuscany your perfect wedding destination in Italy.


Tuscany wedding venues in Italy include vineyards, rustic farmhouses, and castles.


For those who have a passion for fine wine and food and are a lover of the countryside, a vineyard for a wedding venue in Tuscany, Italy, is an idyllic setting.

Tuscany wedding Venues Italy, Conti di San Bonifacio
As featured on Conti di San Bonifacio, Weddings

Conti di San Bonifacio is a wine resort located in the southern region of Tuscany and set in the rolling hills of Maremma. The venue offers excellent wine and food. A first-course option might be ‘Hand Made PiciMaremmani’ (pasta) with wild boar ragù.

Conti di San Bonifacio offers flexibility in the size of wedding ceremonies, from intimate elopements to small ceremonies for up to ten people, or reserve the estate for an exclusive wedding.

Rustic Farmhouse

Tuscan wedding venue, Follonico, Weddings in Tuscany
As featured on Follonico, Tuscany Weddings

Follonico is an idyllic, traditional farmstead wedding venue for up to 30 guests, located near the village of Montefollonico. Follonico is an agriturismo, an officially registered working farm providing guests home-produced food, including honey and olive oil. An idyllic setting for lovers of nature who enjoy the local ethos of a farm-to-table experience in a relaxed environment.


Wedding Venues in Tuscan Italy, Tenuta Monaciano Toscana
As featured on Tenuta Monaciano Toscana, Tuscany Weddings

Tenuta Di Monaciano Toscana is one of few magnificent castles available for wedding venues in Tuscany, Italy, and has provided weddings to couples worldwide. The estate prides itself on presenting the ultimate Tuscan experience and can cater to up to 120 guests. The estate has an elegant villa, country houses, a pool, a lake, and a family-run farm producing wine and extra virgin olive oil.

Located four miles from the medieval city, Siena, and in the Chianti Hills, This beautiful wedding venue is in an accessible location to a Town Hall, a catholic church, and an Anglican church. It is possible to arrange Jewish and Indian ceremonies.

Weather and Climate

Tuscan weather is typically mild, with some variations due to its geographical nature. The coast and valleys average 86°F (30°C) in July and August, the hottest months. The hills and mountains are cooler. There is little chance of rain in the summer.

Spring (April and May) and Autumn (September and October) are milder, averaging 66.2°F  (19°C) to 80.6°F (27°C) with some rainy days. These comfortable temperatures are more attractive to visitors making these months busier.

November is the rainiest month, but October, December, February, and March can still be wet.

January is the coldest month, with daytime temperatures around 51.8°F (11°C). Nighttime temperatures can be chilly, particularly in the hills and mountains.

The weather during the winter can be variable, with a few days of snow, wet and cold, and a few sunny, crisp days with clear skies.

Culture and Etiquette

Florence with Cathedral and typical Italian pizza, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany people (Tuscans) are proud of their culture and heritage. Tuscans see their culture as evolving and not something they have inherited from the past.

Florence is recognized to have significantly influenced the Renaissance period, with credit given to notable names such as the Medici family and Michelangelo.

Traditionally, a Tuscan bride would wear a black gown and white veil, although not so common today.

Part of the Tuscan culture celebrates their folklore and traditions at numerous festivals throughout the year. Many include food, for example, The Truffle Festival in Certaldo, The Cherry Festival in Lari, and The Fish Festival in Caletta di Castiglioncello.

Also, since you are already in Tuscany why not travel to some of the other scenic regions in Italy like Calabria for it’s beautiful coastline, Lazio home to Rome, Pidmont awash with rolling hills and vineyards, and Liguria home to the Italian Riviera.

Food and Drink

Traditional food in Tuscany is renowned for using simple, local ingredients, including fresh fish and olive oil. It is considered one of the healthiest Mediterranean diets.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina, a T-bone steak from a local Tuscan breed of cattle, The Chianina. Seasoned with fresh herbs and served rare.

Baccalá Alla Livornese, Baccalá means ‘salted cod’, from the port of Livornese. The salted cod is stir-fried in a tomato sauce with added parsley and garlic.

Tuaca is a fine Italian brandy with vanilla and citrus essence, created at the height of the Renaissance period.

Money and Wedding Costs

Wedding at old winery villa Tuscany, Italy

A wedding in Tuscany, Italy, for 100 guests, costs between US $42,000 to US $89,500. The venue and catering account for approximately 60%.

Weddings in Tuscany are popular, and there is a wide range to suit all budgets. A small wedding or eloping can drastically reduce costs.

There are many factors to consider when having a wedding abroad, especially if you are inviting guests. For example, will you pay for flights, accommodation, and entertainment for your guests?

Legal Requirements For Marrying in Tuscany, Italy

Arranging an Italian wedding in Tuscany requires time and planning. Click Here for a few guidelines on the legal requirements to marry in Italy.

Check with your Italian Embassy and be prepared to have an interpreter.

US Embassy & Consulates in Italy

UK Government Getting Married in Italy

Australian Embassy Marriage in Italy

In Tuscany, you cannot legally marry on a beach. However, it is possible to have a Symbolic ceremony beach wedding.

Some people choose to have a Symbolic ceremony after a legal marriage in their home country.

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