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Getting Married In Croatia - Croatian Wedding Guide

Triangle wedding arch with sea view, Croatia

Croatia is a small European country on the Adriatic Sea. A popular wedding destination rich in history, with a dramatic coastline of 1244 islands, including the heart-shaped lover’s island, Galešnjak.

Highlights Food and Drink
Wedding Resort Corberon Money and Wedding Costs
Weather and Climate Legal Requirements For Marrying in Croatia
Culture and Etiquette  

Move away from the beaches and discover eight national parks and spectacular cities, such as the magnificent walled city of Dubrovnik. A city more popular since its recognition as a filming location for the Game of Thrones.

One of Europe’s sunniest hotspots full of gastro delights, such as truffles and the award-winning sheep’s cheese, Paski Sir.

The country remains good value, and it is understandable why couples choose weddings in Croatia to say, ‘I do.’

It is possible to have a Croatian wedding as a civil or symbolic ceremony.

Honeymoon trip to Dubrovnik
Honeymoon trip to Dubrovnik

Croatia Facts



Capital City:


Languages Spoken:

Main Religion:

56,594 km²



Croatian kuna. Euro from January 1st, 2023

Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian


Major Holidays:

New Year’s Day


Easter  Sunday

Easter Monday

Labor Day

Statehood Day

Corpus Christi

Anti-Fascist Struggle Day

Victory Day

Assumption of Mary

All Saint’s Day

Remembrance Day

Christmas Day

St. Stephen’s Day

January 1

January 6

April 17

April 18

May 1

May 30

June 16

June 22

August 5

August 15

November 1

November 18

December 25

December 26


Villa-Sancta Maria

Croatian Wedding Venues, Villa-Sancta Maria
As featured on Villa-Sancta Maria, Destination Wedding Croatia

A beautiful stone villa overlooking the entire Istrian peninsula is available to rent in its entirety for up to 100 guests. The package includes the estate, the preparation of tables, a wedding planner, and lighting for the price of US$3,045.75 - US$5,076.25 (€3,000 - €5,000).

A three-course dinner, including drinks, ranges from US$40.61 - US$60.91 (€40 - €60). Menus include a local dish, šugo, gnocchi in a sauce made with game, free-range chicken, or truffles.

The villa accommodates up to 14 people, and nearby accommodation is available for other guests.

After your wedding, there is a pool and wellness spa if you want to spend a few extra days there. It’s also possible to arrange daily excursions to the national parks and cities close by.

Wedding Resort Corberon

Croatian Wedding Venues, Wedding Resort Corberon
As featured on Wedding Resort Corberon, Croatia Weddings

Suppose you prefer the idea of a fairytale Croatian wedding in a forest. Corberon offers hidden Croatian woodland weddings.

The venue provides two stylishly decorated marquees for up to 500 guests. You can choose how you would like to decorate the interior of the tents, and the experienced team is available to assist.

A cozy cottage is available on the grounds for the happy couple, and guests can stay in private accommodation or hotels.

Ražnjevica Dvori

Weddings in Croatia wedding venues, Ražnjevica Dvori
As featured on Ražnjevica Dvori, Croatia Wedding.

A centuries-old estate dating back to 1307 is easily accessible from the Zadar airport, only 10.5 miles (17km) away.

The estate is available to rent until 2am and can cater up to 100 guests inside or up to 500 in the courtyards. 

There is an outdoor pool and an olive grove with over 200 varieties of olives, and this grove produces its own extra virgin olive oil. The estate has a vineyard and grows grapes indigenous to the local northern Dalmatia region.

The chefs use locally sourced ingredients and culinary traditions of the Dalmatia area, to prepare dishes such as Croatian Lamb Peka. A Peka is a bell-shaped dish traditionally used to roast lamb, potatoes, and spices over a fire.

Weather and Climate

Croatia’s climate is affected by its long coastline and inland mountains.

The coastline offers long, hot, dry summers with temperatures consistently above 86° (30°C). In winter, temperatures rarely get below 41°F (5°C). The summer months have a minimum of 12 hours of sunlight.

Spring and autumn are favorable months, when temperatures are comfortable between 59° - 71.6°F (15°-22°C).

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital, is inland and experiences average temperatures ranging from 32°F (0.1°C) in January to 70°F (21.2°C) in July. 

The wettest month in Croatia is November.

The snow falls in northeast Croatia, where you can enjoy a day in the snow and even a winter wedding.

Culture and Etiquette

Croats are proud of their culture and heritage, and they refer to their country as, ‘Our beautiful Homeland,’ the name of their national anthem is, ‘Liepanaša.’

They are very family-orientated and enjoy passing by to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee with friends and family. They will arrive on time as punctuality is important.

If you are invited to someone’s home, taking the host a small gift is good etiquette. If you bring flowers, make sure it is an odd number of stems.

Croatians are often animated, signifying their passion.

Food and Drink

With a long coastline, the sea influences Croatia’s cuisine.

Crni Rižot

Is a black risotto made with cuttlefish and squid, from which the ink is added to the dish to give its unique blackness. Although a typical dish in the Dalmatian region, the meal is enjoyed throughout the country.

It might be a good idea to dine with friends, as it is usual to walk away with black teeth and tongue!


Rakija is a strong-flavored brandy in Croatia. It is a fruit-based drink, using apples and plums, and each region in Croatia has its own recipe. In Istria, mistletoe is the preferred choice, anise in Dubrovnik and the Dalmatia region uses walnuts.

Money and Wedding Costs

Musicians singing and playing for bride & groom in Dubrovnik
Musicians singing and playing for bride & groom in Dubrovnik

The currency in Croatia is currently the Croatian kuna (HRK). However, from January 1st, 2023, it will be the euro.

Credit cards are widely accepted in the country, although not universally accepted.

Croatia is one of the cheaper European countries. However, due to its popularity, accommodation prices can be high. Spring and autumn travel can reduce room costs by 20-30%.

Croatia weddings with 50 guests can be anywhere in the region of US$20,305 - US$71,067.50 (€20,000-€70,000).

If the plan is to elope to Croatia, the cost will be much lower, between US$1,015.00-US$10,152.00 (€1,000-€10,000).

Legal Requirements For Marrying in Croatia

The obligatory paperwork includes:

  • Certificate of No Impediment (CNI)
  • Certificate of Custom/Law
  • Notice of Marriage

Croatia usually requires all documentation issued by your local embassy to be translated and certified.

Check out your home country's embassy for more details about the necessary documentation and requirements.

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