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Destination Wedding Directory enables Wedding Venues and Wedding Suppliers to connect with couples from all over the world who are planning their destination wedding.  The directory lists 31 different categories of wedding suppliers and includes every country in the world.

Terms & Conditions for Submitting Your Listing

We care a great deal about the quality of Destination Wedding Directory.  The directory itself is human-edited and all listings will be evaluated subject to the following terms and conditions before being approved for inclusion.  We may reject, delete, or edit submissions that violate these policies.  We aim, whenever possible, to review listings within 72 hours of submission.

  1. The email address you use to register will be used as the email address that messages are sent to from your listing’s contact form. For security purposes, the email address you use must be from the same domain as your website, e.g. [email protected] or be visible on your website.  Free email addresses from websites such as Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail will not be accepted unless listed on your website or you can verify you work for the company you are promoting.  We reserve the right to change the email address on your account to match the email address listed on your website.
  2. It is forbidden to submit a listing for a business that you do not own or work for and have permission to submit a listing for.
  3. All listings should be written in English.  Our website will translate your listing for non-English speaking visitors.
  4. The title for your listing should include your business name and should not be “stuffed” with keywords used for search engine optimisation (SEO) purposes.
  5. The short description (which appears on the category listings page) and full description (which appears on your listing) should be written in grammatically correct sentences describing your business, including a description of the venues, products and services you offer.  Descriptions should not be “stuffed” with keywords used for SEO purposes.
  6. Identify the most appropriate category for your listing.  If there is not an appropriate category please add your listing to the “Other Wedding Suppliers” category and contact us to suggest a new category.
  7. Do not submit multiple listings into the same category in the same region unless they are for completely different business entities, e.g. different wedding venues within the same region.
  8. Websites with addresses that redirect to another address are not permitted.
  9. Do not add websites under construction. Wait until a site is complete before adding it.
  10. Reviews and ratings are important features of our site.  Legitimate reviews and ratings cannot be edited or deleted.
  11. Submitting reviews for your own business is strictly prohibited. Anyone found submitting their own reviews will be deleted from the directory.
  12. Web directories are not wedding suppliers and therefore should not be added to the directory.

We welcome comments and feedback about Destination Wedding Directory. Please let us know what you think and how we can improve our site.

We look forward to working with you,

Destination Wedding Directory Team

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