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Including Your Children When Attending A Destination Wedding

Traveling with children can be challenging, but when you're invited to a destination wedding the thought of leaving them behind is often impractical and usually unthinkable.  After all, it's not like leaving them with their grandparents for a few hours, attending a destination wedding usually means several nights away from home.

Depending on the destination, the cost of traveling to the wedding as a family can leave a big dent in your household budget.  Often this means that the wedding has to double-up as your annual family holiday too.  With this in mind, you'll want to make the experience as special as possible for your kids.

Here are some great ways to get your children involved and make the most out of this special occasion.

Take Your Children Shopping

Your children are going to need something nice to wear to the wedding, but instead of packing something from home, you could take them shopping for an outfit when you get to the wedding location. They will be able to shop at a local store and experience the culture, and they will get to wear something memorable and unique. They are sure to tell everyone at the wedding about where they got their outfit and show it off with a smile.

Find Local Child-Friendly Events

Most destination wedding locations cater to tourists, which means there is usually a calendar of events for visitors. You can check with the local tourist information center to see what child-friendly events might be happening during your stay. This will get the children excited about being there and they may even learn something new about the culture.

Plan Some Family Activities

If your travel plans include an extended stay before or after the wedding, you should pencil in some family time and include the children. Besides child specific activities, your destination probably offers activities that the whole family can participate in, like horseback riding, canoeing, skiing, or other outdoor adventures. This is not just a great way to spend family time together, but also to squeeze in some physical activity too.

Get The Children A Camera

If your children are old enough, purchase an inexpensive disposable camera or second-hand digital camera for them to bring on the trip. They will get to snap photos of all the interesting things they encounter, capture some very interesting shots of the wedding, and it will make them feel like grown ups. It will also keep them entertained and help them create lifelong memories. Plus, you won't have to worry about them breaking your own expensive camera.

Bringing your children along with you to a destination wedding doesn't have to be difficult. There are fun and easy ways to keep them included, or at least ensure that they enjoy the experience.

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