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Why Every Bride Should Have A Wedding Clutch

by Peter Scully

When it comes to weddings, there is a lot of planning and preparation involved and sometimes the bigger things take priority over the smaller things that do matter. One of those things is a clutch and here is why every bride should think seriously hard about owning one.

Complete beauty

You cannot ignore the fact that they are a thing of beauty. A wedding clutch bag that has been well-made and goes with your wedding dress is absolute perfection. Regardless of the look or design you want, whether that is bold, classy, chic or even metallic, a clutch bag makes a statement.

They are useful!

The clutch bag, as stunning as it is, also allows you to carry around a number of important items on your big day. Perhaps accessing your room for anything you may need is not an easy task; if this is the case then the clutch will come in handy. As the bag is small, it is easy to carry around all day and you can store quite a lot of useful things in there. A sewing kit, mini deodorant, make-up and much more, in fact, it could be worthwhile making a list of the things you will need so that you can source miniature versions to put in your clutch. You can look at it as a kind of safety net, carrying everything that you may come to rely on as the day progresses and it certainly means that you haven’t got to rely on anyone else when the time comes.

They look great in photographs

The bags are so stunning that they also look extremely good in photographs. Placing the clutch bag strategically for a wedding accessory themed photo works perfectly and it does not look out of place. There is no doubt that the clutch bag will quickly become the main focus of attention and it will even threaten to steal the show. Your wedding album will not be complete without a photograph containing that beloved clutch bag.

More than just weddings

While it may look amazingly good next to your wedding dress and in your wedding photographs, your clutch is versatile in every single way. This is simply because it can be used in a number of situations and it will still look beautiful. It can be taken to all of your other formal occasions and you can really re-invent it and give it a new lease of life. A clutch is not just a wedding investment; it is an investment that will repay you for many, many years.

Pass it on

While the clutch is a good investment for you, you could even pass it on to other brides and this means that the clutch continues to give. So whether you want to pass it on to a friend or a family member is entirely up to you but why not pass it on so it can bring as much joy to others as it did for you.

When it comes to wedding accessories, a clutch bag may be the last thing you think of but do not overlook it. It is stunning, practical and useable and certainly a great addition to any wedding day.

About Peter Scully

peterscullyPeter Scully is a marketing consultant for SwankySwans, a unique brand of ladies fashion accessories for the 21st century woman.

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