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Parishes of Jamaica

Although Jamaica seems like a small speck on the globe, it is the third largest island in the Caribbean. The country is divided into three counties (Cornwall, Middlesex and Surrey) and 14 parishes. Each parish has its own unique features as well as the perfect locations for beautiful weddings.

Jamaica, administrative divisions (parishes+counties) - de - colored (less colors)

Clarendon Hanover Kingston
Manchester Portland Saint Andrew
Saint Ann Saint Catherine Saint Elizabeth
Saint James Saint Mary Saint Thomas
Trelawny Westmoreland  


One of the main attractions in Clarendon is the Milk River Bath and Spa which features water from the Milk River that has been claimed to heal rheumatism, gout and lumbago. More information about the Milk River Bath and Spa can be found at The main area of economic activity in this parish is in the capital, May Pen.

The Bridge Palm Hotel is a welcomed breath of fresh air in the heat the parish of Clarendon is widely known for. It offers a beautiful pool, manicured lawns and a restaurant all of which are ideal for a wedding. Visit their website at for more information.


Hanover, like many of the other parishes in Jamaica, is steeped in deep history that makes it the ideal parish to visit for history aficionados. Some of the historical sites unique to Hanover include: Fort Charolette, Kenilworth, Tryall Estate, and Barbican Estate.

Tryall Estate, one of Jamaica’s few country clubs, offers visitors a landscape filled with luscious greenery and an amazing view Montego Bay. It is located in Hanover and will provide you with one of the best landscapes for your picture-perfect moments. You can visit for more information.


Kingston i-s the capital of Jamaica and is closely linked to Saint Andrew. The Norman Manley International airport, which is one of the islands two major airports, is located in this parish. Kingston is to Jamaica as New York is to America. It  is the Jamaican concrete jungle and is full of economic activity.

There are several wedding locations in Kingston but one of the most memorable is Alhambra Inn. Ideal for small weddings, the Alhambra Inn offers a beautiful garden location as well as an incredible restaurant that can provide scrumptious meals for your reception. For more information about the Alhambra Inn visit their Facebook page at


Manchester is known for its cool climates and calming atmosphere. Its capital, Mandeville, houses the island’s third largest tertiary institution, Northern Caribbean University (NCU). Mandeville is also a popular location for returning residents to settle. More information about Manchester can be found by visiting

As one of the most sought after high-end restaurants in Mandeville, the Bloomfield Great House is the ideal wedding location for anyone in Manchester. The Great House offers a picturesque view of the rolling hills of Mandeville as well as delectable food choices.


Portland is the beauty of nature in its purest form. Since there is very little development in the parish, the natural beauty and outstanding features of the parish stand out. It is the perfect holiday getaway if you desire peace and tranquility. Some of the hotspots in Portland include the Blue Lagoon, the French Mans Cove, Winniefred Beach and the Boston Jerk Center.

Planning to have your wedding in Portland? If you are, then the Great Huts Resort is the perfect choice for you.  At Great Huts you will experience a piece of paradise with eco-friendly surroundings and an amazing view of the Caribbean Sea from the Boston Beach. This location is perfect for an intimate wedding and you can view more information by visiting

Saint Andrew

Adjacent to Kingston, Saint Andrew represents the hustle and bustle of Jamaica. Two of the islands major tertiary level educational institutions (the University of the West Indies and the University of Technology) are located in this parish.  Saint Andrew is another hub of economic activity in Jamaica.

One of the best locations for a wedding in Saint Andrew is the picturesque Strawberry Hill. Perched in the hills of Irish Town, Strawberry Hill offers visitors with romantic seclusion and first class service, as well as the perfect view of the mountainous landscape. For more information about Strawberry Hill, visit

Saint Ann

Saint Ann is one of three parishes on the North Coast that focuses primarily on tourism. Its capital, Ocho Rios, is the hub of tourist activity in the parish and features several hotels and tourist attractions.

Picture embracing your new spouse against the backdrop of a soothing waterfall or a gorgeous view of the Ocho Rios Bay. The smile on your face and the sheer beauty of the moment make the Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls the perfect location for your wedding.  For more information, you can visit

Saint Catherine

Saint Catherine has several attractions for nature lovers and explorers. Ranging from one of the best caves in Jamaica to a museum of artefacts from the first inhabitants of the island (the Tainos), these attractions will provide you with great insight into the beauty of Jamaica and its rich history.

The Arcadia Gardens in Saint Catherine offers a simple wedding venue. Its beautiful lawn offers a breathtaking view of the hills of Saint Catherine and offers visitors with an escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Visit their Facebook page at for more information.

Saint Elizabeth

Located on the South Coast of the island, Saint Elizabeth is known as the “Bread Basket” parish of Jamaica because of the abundance of farming activities that occur in the parish. The South Coast is the least traversed area by tourists. Nevertheless, Saint Elizabeth boasts two popular attractions: the Jamaica Zoo and YS Falls.  Information about the Jamaica Zoo can be viewed at and information about YS Falls can be viewed at

One of the frequented wedding venues in Black River, Saint Elizabeth is the Ashton Great House and Hotel. Offering scrumptious Jamaican food and a beautiful landscape, the Ashton Great House and Hotel is the perfect wedding venue if you are in Saint Elizabeth.

Saint James

Saint James is a constant flurry of activity especially in its capital, Montego Bay, which has been dubbed Jamaica’s second capital.  The island’s second international airport, Donald Sangster International Airport, is located in this parish. Additionally, many cruise ships dock at the Montego Bay port thus giving stop-over visitors easy access to the attractions and activity of Montego Bay.  However, as a visitor you would be more interested in the activities found in Montego.

Humming Bird Hall is one of the best wedding destinations in Saint James. Located fifteen minutes away from the Donald Sangster International Airport and in close proximity to the Rose Hall Great House, Humming Bird Hall offers couples exquisite botanical gardens, a private beach, and a waterfall. With such a variety of options, why not make Humming Bird Hall your wedding destination? Visit their website at for more information.

Saint Mary

Saint Mary is a picture of untouched beauty that would fascinate any visitor. This parish features the famous Castleton Gardens which has some of the most exotic plants and animals. For more information about this attraction you can visit Other attractions in Saint Mary include Golden Eye and Brimmer Hall.

If you desire a budget friendly wedding in a location rich in history and beautiful surroundings then the Green Castle Great house is ideal for you. This resort gives you the opportunity to experience “untouched Jamaica” in an eco-friendly atmosphere. Visit their website at for more information.

Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas is a beautiful parish filled with luscious gardens and peaceful rivers. Some of the best attractions in Saint Thomas include Bath Botanical Gardens,  Bath Fountain, and Judgement Cliff.

The Whispering Bamboo Cove resort offers a scenic location with an amazing view of the ocean as well as the luscious Blue Mountains.  It is one of the best locations for a budget friendly and quiet garden wedding.


Located on the North Coast, Trelawny is one of Jamaica’s treasures. The recent construction of a port at Falmouth has opened up new avenues of commerce and transformed Falmouth into a historic district. Another great feature of Trelawny is the opportunity visitors have to become actively involved in the depiction of Jamaica’s cultural history at the Outameni experience. Outameni is located in Falmouth and more information about this attraction can be found at

Another interesting location to visit while in Trelawny is Glistening Waters. This venue features one of the most amazing sights you will ever see…a glowing lagoon. As dusk approaches and the moon begins to illuminate the sky, these glowing waters offer a breathtaking picture perfect moment suitable for any romantic experience.

The best location for a Trelawny wedding is Silver Sands which is a beachfront villa property. This property features gazebos perfect for beach weddings as well as restaurants ideal for wedding receptions. For more information visit


The small town of Negril is the highlight of any visitor’s trip to Westmoreland. With its a nine-mile stretch of pristine white sand beaches lined with hotels, restaurants and lively entertainment, Negril offers a wide range of options for its visitors. One of the attractions of Negril that most locals enjoy is the water park Kool Runnings. If you are interested in the thrill of water slides, go cart races, and animal exhibits then Kool Runnings is the place for you. Visit their website at for more information.

The Moon Dance Cliffs Resort, located in Negril, offers visitors with an intimate villa-style location surrounded by spectacular botanical gardens.  This resort also has a gazebo overlooking the ocean that would be perfect for an ocean-front wedding. Visit for more info.

Find out more about getting married in Jamaica in our Jamaican Wedding Guide or visit our Jamaican Wedding Directory to start planning your dream wedding.

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