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2023 & 2024 Horoscopes to Choose Compatible Wedding Dates

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Using your horoscope we look at dates in 2023 & 2024 to choose compatible wedding dates.

You got engaged. Congratulations! The question is, when is the big day? You might have an image of a spring or summer wedding, but you need to make your mind up on the date. Some believe the answer lies in the stars, and your zodiac sign can help you decide.

If you are intrigued to discover your ideal date for you and your partner using marriage horoscope matching, check out the five simple steps to choosing a compatible wedding date for 2023 and 2024.

Five Steps to Choosing a Compatible Wedding Date for You and Your Partner

Marriage zodiac compatibility with horoscope signs in night sky

1. Star Sign Compatibility. All 12 zodiac signs belong to one of the four elements, fire, earth, air, and water.

Generally, star signs with the same element are the best matched for marriage zodiac compatibility. A combination, such as fire and water, is less suited, tending to bring out the worst in each other.

Fire and Air and Earth and Water combinations are also excellent marriage horoscope matches. Fire and Air complement each other because both of these elements are quite outgoing and full of energy. In contrast, Water and Earth are more sensual, laid-back, and introverted.

2. Choose a date. If you are still deciding which date to pick, selecting one six weeks before your birthday is a great place to start. It means the sun will return to its position when you were born, bringing luck and fortune.

3. Check if Venus or Mercury is retrograde. Some astrologists think this is a less favorable position.

4. What is the phase of the Moon? The Moon’s stage in the lunar cycle affects our lives in many ways, including personalities, moods, and relationships.

5. Do not overthink. There are no foolproof charts. They are simply a guide. If a date feels right for you, go for it. Your marriage is not doomed for failure because you marry under a waxing or waning moon.

For more information about the five steps to choosing a compatible wedding date, check out our previous article Compatible wedding dates in five steps.

Dates To Consider if You Plan on Getting Married in 2023

matching horoscopes for marriage with man down on one knee proposing inside astrology circle
Venus takes between 23 and 60 days to transit a zodiac sign. Venus in transit means the planet is moving through the sky from zodiac sign to zodiac sign.

When Venus is well-placed, it can mean marital bliss. A good position for Venus to be in is Taurus, Libra, or Pisces. Taurus represents stability, sensuality, and longevity, while Libra is the sign of relationships, peace, harmony, and compromise. Finally, Pisces is a sign of compassion, romance, and sensitivity. Venus is content in these signs, which points towards a happy marriage.

If your partner is another zodiac sign, choosing a date that suits both of you is best. You cannot avoid everything but try to keep clear of the worst.

Below is a list of when Venus is transiting the zodiac signs in 2023.













January 22nd

February 15th

March 12th

April 6th

May 2nd

May 30th

July 7th

August 7th

October 2nd

November 3rd

November 30th

December 25th

Venus Transit Dates for 2024

astrology dice with symbol of the planet Venus

Many people like to book their wedding date far in advance, especially if choosing a highly sought-after venue. If you are looking at 2024 for your wedding, here is a list of dates when Venus transits the zodiac signs.
















January 18th

February 12th

March 7th

March 31st

April 24th

May 19th

June 12th

July 7th

July 31st

August 25th

September 18th

October 13th

November 7th

December 2nd

December 28th

Venus Retrograde in 2023

Once you have chosen a date, it is worthwhile checking to see the timing of Venus retrograde, as this can impact relationships.  A retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backward in the sky. It seems to slow down and emits slow energy, which can be harmful. Retrogrades are known to cause quite a lot of turbulence.

July 22nd to September 3rd, Venus is retrograde. It is generally advisable to steer clear of these dates, as it is a time that brings issues in love and finance.


Venus Retrograde 2024

The good news is that Venus does not retrograde in 2024, which makes it easier to select a date without worrying about complications created by Venus's retrograde.


When Is Mercury Retrograde in 2023?

The next step is to check if Mercury is retrograde. There are three Mercury retrogrades in 2023, and they can affect your zodiac sign. When Mercury is retrograde, it can be a confusing time, particularly with communication.

April 21st to May 14th will be the first retrograde of the year under Taurus. You might feel the effects in the pre-retrograde shadow from April 7th and lingering into the post-retrograde until May 31st.

August 23rd to September 15th. The second retrograde will be under Virgo. The pre-retrograde shadow begins on August 3rd, and the post-retrograde shadow finishes on September 30th.

December 13th to January 1st 2024, is the final retrograde of the year under Sagittarius. The pre-retrograde shadow will begin on November 25th, and the post-retrograde shadow will end on January 20th, 2024.


Dates for Mercury Retrograde in 2024

2024 begins with Mercury Retrograde, progressing on January 2nd. It enters retrograde a further three times in the year.

April 1st to April 25th, Mercury enters the pre-retrograde shadow on March 18th in Aries and leaves the post-retrograde shadow on May 13th.

August 4th to 28th August. Mercury will enter the retrograde zone on July 16th in Leo and leaves after the post-retrograde shadow on September 11th in Virgo.

November 25th to December 15th is the final retrograde of the year. It begins with Mercury entering the pre-retrograde shadow on November 7th in Sagittarius and leaving the post-retrograde shadow on January 2nd, 2025.


Full Moon Dates for 2023

astrology dice with symbol of the moon

The Moon impacts emotions. The effects can last from a few hours to a couple of days. It means any negativity is short-lived.

A waning moon is a receding full moon that often lowers energy, allowing you more time to spend on your inner thoughts.

The waxing moon begins after the new moon and lasts until the full moon. It works in opposition to a waning moon, giving you the energy to get things done.

Over the years, you will have discovered if the moon phases affect your emotions. Some people notice no ill effects on their mood, so it is unnecessary to rethink their wedding date.  Here is a list of full moons for 2023.

Both phases benefit a relationship, so there is no right or wrong time. It depends on the individual. The stages represent evolution and growth, vital elements of a strong relationship.

January 6th:

February 5th:

March 7th:

April 6th:

May 5th:

June 4th:

July 3rd:

August 1st:

August 31st:

September 29th:

October 28th:

November 27th:

December 27th:














Full Moon Dates for 2024

January 25th:

February 24th:

March 25th:

April 23rd:

May 23rd:

June 22nd:

July 21st:

August 19th:

September 18th:

October 17th:

November 15th:

December 15th:













Final Thought

Matching horoscopes for marriage can help you choose a compatible wedding date. However, you do not have to let it take over. Remember, it is a bit of fun. If your ideal date does not align with the planets and zodiac signs, your day will still be memorable!

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